Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Quarters

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this yesterday, and intended to post it last night. However, my social activities (enter loud obnoxious laugh to highlight the sheer sarcasm of that statement) prevented me from posting in a timely manner. Better late than never though :o) So without further ado....

Today, my baby turns three quarters of one year old.
It's simply unbelievable, watching this little being grow right before my eyes. And not just physical growth, but mental as well. He's a sharp little cookie, our Brayden. And it just figures that he'd have a will like a strong ox both of his strong willed parents. I frequently call my parents to vent about how hard it is to parent Brayden, and typically my dad just chuckles. "Sure sounds like someone familiar," he says. Alas, this is the medicine both parents have prayed for since the days of Drew and I kicking, screaming and gnashing our teeth when we don't get our way. I figure I should chronicle some examples so that little Brayden can look back and see what I mean. For instance, the past 4 days in row, the kid will start screaming the minute I put him in a high chair. I logically believe he's crying because he's hungry, so I set out an array of delicious choices: turkey, cheese, green beans, carrots and whole wheat bread. More than enough to choose from should one of the options not be deemed acceptable by the 9 month old. You may notice something missing from the menu: fruit. The kid would eat truckloads of fruit if I let him, so I have to ration fruit to breakfast only. Brayden will literally cry and pick up food, squish it in his hands and then throw it back on the tray because there is no fruit available. Enter peaches. Crying immediately ceases and the crocodile tears flow down to the wide open smile.  Little stinker! The other thing he does is throw his water down. Not acceptable at our house, so the water gets taken away. The other day he got so mad at me that I took his water away that he screamed for about 30 minutes. I took him out of the high chair and he literally whaled for half an hour, throwing his head, kicking, etc (Lord help me when he turns 2 if this is what he does NOW). When he finally calmed down I explained to him that we don't throw the water. Gave him the water, and he was fine. Until he threw it again, and then we repeated the cycle. Strong. Will. (enter a Mama sarcastic smile and sigh).
Some other notes of interest on B-Man:
  • He weighs 20.5 pounds (50th percentile) and is 29.2 inches long (75th percentile). I have a feeling he's going to take after my side of the family with the long and lean body type. If that's the case basketball might be more promising than football. We'll see though.
  • He is all out crawling, and can pretty much get anywhere in the blink of an eye. His favorite things to chew on are shoes, dog food and the kitchen rugs. YUM. 
  • Still has 4 teeth, although I am starting to suspect that the top eye teeth may be coming in. 
  • Takes two naps a day, both about an hour and a half long. 
  • Loves to bang on things, especially metal, which makes an awesome clanging noise. 
  • Has started to play peek-a-boo with his blankets. Truly precious. 
  • IMG_6898
  • Started taking "big boy baths" (baths without the infant bath device). The first time he took one, he put his face right into the water himself. Thank goodness we're starting swimming lessons next week!
  • He has started pulling up on things. He's only pulled up to his feet twice, but he pulls to his knees really well, and when he does he gets so proud of himself that he bounces up and down. Quite hilarious!
    He needs a haircut soon, as his hair is starting to look like a mullet... especially when he wears collared 
shirts :)
    He loves to read books. In the morning during his independent play time, a lot of times when I go to get him (or check on him) he will have pulled out ALL of his books and is looking through them. SO sweet!
  • He recognizes the icee cup at Sam's club, and if I get one he will start crying/coughing until I give him a sip. Boy after my own heart. 
  • He eats finger foods for must lunches and dinners. His favorite food is peaches right now, and sometimes refuses everything else offered unless it is peaches. 
  • He blabbers a lot. He has said 'momma' on one of two occasions... generally when he's fussing and wants me to pick him up.
B-Man: I love you so much. Your presence in my life continues to stretch and grow me in ways I could have never imagined I would. You teach me so much about my faults, my strengths and have helped me become a better, more complete person. I love you so much more than I could explain or describe on paper, and to be honest, it's really true when they say you'll never understand a parents love until you have one of your own. I hope that the love I have for you shows in everything I do for you. You are the light of my life. I love you so much son!

Love, Momma

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