Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend in Review

This weekend was pretty laid back. Partly because Drew had to work, but also because it was about as cold here as the Frozen Tundra. Yep, if MckMama was my real life friend, she would've been right at home down here in the Frozen South. The high on Friday was a balmy 9 degrees, with the low right around 0. It was pretty awesome... NOT. I am glad that we are finally warming up and should stay above freezing for the next week or so.

Friday Brayden had his well check. It was all I could do to not do cartwheels in excitement. Not necessarily because he had a doctors appointment, but because it was the first time in nearly a week that we had been out of the house. A good dose of outdoor air (and TJ Maxx) did this momma and baby good! Brayden did well at his appointment (as always) and is healthy and growing great. Friday was so cold that when I let Toby outside for just a few seconds, when he came back in shivering. Poor guy! I wrapped him up in a blanket and let him lay on the couch-- doesn't he have the life?!

On Saturday Drew had to work so B and I just took it easy. We've started brushing teeth now that he has a mouthful, and he LOVES it. This was him Saturday after I had finished with it; I generally let him chew on the toothbrush afterwards so that he feels like he's helping.

We went to Sams club and roamed the aisles, sipping on coke icee. It's cheap entertainment, and I needed to get some new pillows for Drew and I, so why not? Ofcourse, I waited until they were sure to have lots of samples. I thought it was cute they were sampling the Gerber puffs for the kids... so B got his very own samples to try out! Ofcourse, they put them in a napkin, so it wasn't the easiest thing to maneuver a cart and hold that napkin filled with puffs. Such a neat little surprise for him though! Saturday night we had our friends Jason and Susan over for a few rounds of Blokus. My parents had gotten us the game for Christmas, but it was the first time that Jason and Susan had played-- much fun had by all. They ended up staying at the house until a bit before midnight, but it was well worth it for some good times!

Sunday was our day to serve at church, but it was a light day with kids, so it was actually kind of relaxing. We had 3 helpers in our room but only 2 kids (Drew ended up going and getting B from his class to try and get him down for a nap, but he just doesn't nap well if he doesn't have a crib or pack and play, so we just let it go after a while). Drew had a lot of homework to prepare for his first day of school on Monday (he's starting his MBA program this week), so B and I decided to spend Sunday afternoon at Target. I bought a popcorn combo and perused the aisles for 2 hours... HA! I had several people comment about how tired B looked, but he gets so chill in the Target carts, especially if I have popcorn to keep him preoccupied. We came home, ate dinner, put him to bed, and then I resumed editing pictures (story of my life!). I am going to try really hard to catch up on housework this week, as things for the spring semester with workout groups (I actually caved and signed up for an aerobics class offered at a local church-- first time ever for such a thing... hopefully I'll have the will power to stay in it the entire semester!). I'll leave you with a few pictures from this weekend... hope you all have a blessed week!
Gotta love the drool going everywhere :)
hanging out on Saturday morning
He has such a rough life!
On our way home from church, Brayden quickly fell asleep and started snoring. He kept snoring even after Drew got him out of the car seat, brought him inside, took off his winter hat, his jack and put him to bed. He then slept for over 2 hours. That boy was WIPED!


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