Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend in Review

This is kind of an extended weekend in review, since we started a bit early due to New Years. Drew only had to work a half day on Thursday, and B and I were so thankful! We spent our afternoon at our favorite place-- Sam's Club :) Brayden has now learned what the cup at Sam's looks like, and he will cough/scream until he gets a sip of my Icee. It's sort of cute (for the first time) and then afterwards it's SO annoying. Not sure how I will tackle that problem, but we definitely know it's there now.

Thursday was also New Years Eve, and we were invited to a shin dig at our friend's Jody and Jessica's house. We brought B over, but of course, he partied in his crib and not out with the adults :) The boys beat the girls at Cranium (though not my much I should add), and then we all bored ourselves with the game "Are You Smart than a 5th Grader." Yeah, don't waste your time. We blew some horns, said cheers, and went home shortly after midnight.
J-Dog & Pablo THE dog
Drew toasting the painting. And for the record, no he wasn't drunk :o)
Me and Susan
Drew was a trooper and put on the hat just for the photo op
Jody & Jess telling New Years stories
The boys celebrating one of their victory rounds... don't be fooled... the girls were close behind!

Friday morning we realized that I had double booked on Saturday. I don't know what I was thinking, but for some reason I thought the Hogs were playing on Friday. When we called our friends to find out what time to go over for the game party, we quickly realized that I was mistaken... oops! A quick call to my Uncle Paul and his family ironed things out, and we headed up their way instead of them coming on Saturday. We had a great afternoon just hanging out enjoying each others company on New Years Day. Their girls all loved getting to play with Brayden. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. One funny story of the evening: B had already eaten his dinner, so when we all sat down to eat I sat him down next to me with a few pieces of a roll. No big deal, since he'd eaten bread many times before. Well, during my Uncle Paul's prayer, I heard B kind of gag. I opened my eyes just in time to watch with horror as all of his previous food came POURING out of his mouth. It was DISGUSTING. Obviously the prayer was interrupted as we all quickly jumped up trying to get B (who was a bit scared by all of the commotion- and the puke!) clean off the floor and chair, etc. Thankfully I am always prepared with an extra set of clothes (for just such the occasion!) and socks, so he was quickly changed and we were back on track.

Oh, just the cutest face I've ever seen :)
He wore his boots to visit his cousins... he's a proud cowboy!

Saturday B woke up as normal, but we were still both SO tired from the festivities from the 2 days before. So after B's independent playtime (he plays by himself for 20 minutes every morning in his room, so that way he doesn't get used to having someone by his side 24x7) I brought him back to bed with me just to hang out. Well, I fell asleep, and about 15 minutes later woke up but B was sleeping too. For most people this wouldn't really phase them, but for someone who is on a pretty tight schedule, this was a bit of a dilemma-- wake him up, and groggily play with him till his nap time in an hour, OR just let it be. I chose the later, and we all slept until a bit past 9am. His schedule was out of whack the whole day, but boy did it feel good to just sleep a bit past 7am :)
B-man and Daddy catching up on their Sports section.I love Brayden's expression in this picture-- it really looks like he's reading the paper!
lovin' him some mandarin oranges for lunch on Saturday. The kid will literally eat an entire can of the things. We are IN for it when he's a teenager!!!
Saturday was a day of football watching and lounging again. We headed over to the Heck's house to watch the Hogs game. We played pretty pathetically, and Brayden was quite the fussy pants, so we left at halftime. Drew and I stayed up to watch the rest of the game at home, and were pleasantly surprised when Tejada finally made a clutch kick in overtime for the victory... it's about time! Saturday night the meteorologists were talking about how we were going to get a dusting of snow, but it wouldn't be a big deal because it was going to be dry and just blow off the roads. Imagine my surprise when I woke up on Sunday to about 4 inches on the ground AND road! So we've just hunkered down all day in our pj's, since Brayden is not a fan of the extreme cold (the high today was in the low 20s, and will remain in that range all week long with more snow to follow) and the snow. I came up with a bright idea to go to Applebee's for dinner... not thinking that the roads would be bad. Thankfully Drew is a great driver in the snow, so we made it there fine, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a bit scared on the way there and back.When we got home we hung out in the bed with B (sound like a reoccurring theme here?) until it was time for him to go to bed.
Drew put my Hogs hat on B and he crawled around all over the house with it on. I could just squish him I love him so much!
"Hmm, Toby what do you think we can get into now?"
We gave him this crab hammer a couple of weeks ago, and it seriously is his favorite toy. He will crawl around all over with it, banging on various objects. Not sure it was the smartest move on our part, as I am afraid as soon as he can pull up our coffee table and end tables will be in trouble.
just chillaxin' in bed as a fam
proof of the snow-- we were too weanie to go outside and play in it
enjoying our snow day-- INSIDE!
Drew bundled up and watched football all day

This week I'll be playing around with my new laptop (I got an HP Pavilion DV6-1350 and I love it so far),  That's right, I finally buckled down and bought some new toys that will hopefully make editing a bit more enjoyable for me (I would get SO frustrated on the old laptop when it would take 30 minutes for ONE picture!). This computer boots up in less than a minute, and it has a 12 cell battery so I get about 7 hours of life on it without cords... be still my techno soul! I'll also be purchasing a 500 GB external hard drive as soon as Walmart decides to keep one in stock (I currently back up on DVD-ROM, but I have heard that that way is not very reliable for long periods of time).  And as if those weren't enough to knock my photographer socks off, I think I may be this close to getting the Canon 50mm f/1.8 ... if you use it would you recommend me blowing 100 bucks (ie, will I like it or have buyer's remorse? lol).

We're expecting record breaking highs (or should I say lows since we're going to be in single digits all week) with snow on and off. It's very unusual for this much winter weather back to back, so we're all a bit shell shocked. Drew and I were just talking tonight about what it would be like to live in the North and have it like this for 4+ months... not sure how you Northerners do it!!! Props to you. The white is pretty to look at, but I get stir crazy when I can't get out of the house for 3 days. Ofcourse, I am sure your region is more prepared... our roads weren't even scraped or salted after 4 inches of snow. Yikes!

Hope you all have a safe first week of 2010!


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