Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend in Review

Greetings from the rain soaked Northwest Arkansas... and Happy Easter! We've had a fun weekend remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and celebrating a RISEN King today.

Friday I got together with several of my good friends for a playdate/Easter egg hunt. We had originally planned on having the hunt and gathering at a local park, but the rainstorm of 2011 (seriously yall, it's been raining for 3 days now, and I kind of feel like I might need to start building an ark. Or atleast get some oars big enough to steer our house. ha!) halted those plans, so we met up at my friend Cari's house. The kids had fun playing, and of course, hunting for eggs. I'm pretty sure about 5 minutes into the egg hunt I realized that B was huddled over near the playhouse, SCARFING down a Reese's cup... AND THE WRAPPER. Not sure how many he ate, but it was more than one. Still haven't seen any shiny poop, so for all I know, he's still got foil floating around in his intestines. It was fun, but I have to say, that play dates with two children are WEARING. I seriously came home and felt like I had run a marathon. Or how I think it would feel to run a marathon, seeing how I've never even run in a race... ha! (my pics from the Easter egg hunt are on my friend's memory card, so I don't have those yet... will post those once I get them).

Friday night we had a family pizza night, my fave :) I treated B to Sprite for the first time (other than just sips of our drinks) and I'm pretty sure I regretted that decision about .5 seconds after I gave him the cup. It was like a chug-a-thon at our table. He literally filled his stomach with sprite first, then barely ate one piece of pizza. If you've been around here for long, you know that one piece of pizza is NOTHING for this boy. Guess we'll be holding off on the soda next time! After dinner, we pulled out a few boiled eggs to decorate. It was our first time to do this with Brayden. I have such fun memories of me and my siblings doing this as a kid, so was all excited to let B experience it. Why was I not surprised he wanted to drink the dye?

who doesn't want to chew on a copper wire dipped in vinegar?
{love, love, love}
mommy's turn! (please disregard the GINORMOUS pile of laundry in my living room. I'd love to say it looks different tonight, but it's actually grown larger. ha!)
precious little stinker :)

I think he had fun, especially with the stickers. I REALLY need to make a chore/obedience chart for him. I think it would work wonders on some of the issues we've been dealing with lately.

Friday after B went to bed, I worked on organizing my recently completed coupon binder:


Saturday we were awoken at 6:15 to Brayden kicking his door as hard as he could (we lock him in his room at night so that he doesn't wake up and wander around without us knowing. Sounds harsh, but you kind of need to know Brayden to realize that it's for his own good). I quickly got out of bed to get to him before he woke up Connor. I immediately smelt something foul, so knew he had dirtied his diaper. What I didn't realize, is that he also had his hand down his pants. Down the back of his pants. Oh yes, he was digging IN his diaper. DISGUSTING. I quickly wipes his hands off with a wipe, and then brought him to our room to Drew so that Drew could wash him down in the sink (thankfully it was more on his hands than anything else-- and it wasn't a ton, just a little bit. Regardless-- poo is poo). I had to search around his room for anything he could have touched and lysol wipe the place down. That boy-- keeps me on my toes I tell ya. After we cleaned up we tried to lay in our bed with B. Seriously, I don't know how people co-sleep. The kid moves every .0002 seconds, and is constantly talking about something he sees in the room. He finally got quiet around 7:30, and was relatively quiet for about 10 minutes before deciding it was time to eat. The way he tells us that he's ready to eat is to get about a millimeter away from our face, and very, very loudly says "EAT Momma! Hi Momma! EAT!" He'll do this repeatedly until you can't ignore him any longer. Little booger.

Drew had to study most of the day on Saturday, so it was me and the kids. We decided to have a lazy day in our pjs. I vacuumed and shampooed the living room floors, and surprisingly B let me sweep and mop the kitchen too! The rain let up just long enough for our annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Brayden was SO excited about it, and we had to literally hold him back while we waited for everyone to show up.

waiting for the hunt to start-- we broke Easter fashion, since it was in between rain storms and he had JUST woken up from his nap.
easter egg hunt
I love the middle pic-- he was RUNNING for eggs. SO cute!

He did really well, not eating anything until AFTER the hunt this time. He did, however, eat a chocolate wrapper. FAIL. After the egg hunt we decided B needed to get some energy out of his system, so headed to Chick-Fil-A to let B play. Our social butterfly met two little girls who were probably between 8-10 years old. He kept asking them to hold their hands, for them to pick him up, for them to chase him... etc. SUCH. A. FLIRT. I'm going to have my hands full when he REALLY likes girls.

Brayden actually "slept in" (read: 7:00am!) this morning, and when he woke up we got him in bed with us and read a little Easter book about why we celebrate Easter. Then, he came out to the living room to find his basket:


It didn't take long for him to dig into the goodies (he actually proclaimed "CANDY!" when he found the basket-- haha!)

Today we helped in the infant class at church, attended our church service, enjoyed a nice ham lunch, and then rested for the afternoon. Or, I should say, that the boys and I rested. Drew left after lunch to go and study, and was gone all afternoon.

The boys wore matching outfits today to church. This might be my favorite thing about having two now-- especially now that they can wear matching clothes!
the chunky monkey himself!
Brayden was hardly cooperative for individual photos. This was the best I could do.
classic, put-your-finger-in-your-nose-to-annoy-your-mom picture
daddy sure knows how to make them smile!
just giving yall proof that my kids don't cooperate for EVERY picture. keepin' it real :)
and this one makes me laugh. haha!

When the boys woke up from their naps, we headed to my Uncle's house to hang out with him and his fam. Brayden LOVES going there, since he has 4 girls (my cousins are 9-15 years in age) to entertain him... LOTS of attention :) I love the conversation and break I get, so it's a win-win. On the way to their house I wanted to take some pics of our church's parking lot... or what used to be a parking lot. It's more of a lake now due to the rain.

We have ANOTHER busy, but fun week planned. Hope everyone stays dry, and has a great week!

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