Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflecting on Easter

As I have grown older, Easter has held more and more meaning. Perhaps it's because I can fully grasp the reality of the meaning of Easter, that our Savior is not dead, is not held in a grave but is ALIVE. Perhaps it's because as I have gotten older death and earthly anguish has become more real. In the past 3 years alone I have had over 5 friends or people who I know who have lost babies, either late in pregnancy or shortly after birth. I have a friend who's mom is struggling with Alzheimer's disease. I have a friend who's brother was injurred in an accident and is having to relearn skills that most of us take for granted on a day to day basis. When I step back and think about all of that, it weighs my heart down. But then I think of the verse where Christ said "... I have overcome the world." What sweet joy, relief and victory I feel knowing that this earth is not our home. That the pain, sickness and sorrow that seems to be utterly rampant will be wiped away and all that will be known is the perfection of Christ. The thought thrills my heart and gives me more joy than I could ever show through mere words typed on a blog.

Our local Christian radio station has played this song by Matt Maher frequently and I love the end where he PROCLAIMS that Christ is alive and that we should rejoice. By describing it I am not even doing the song justice, so I'll let you watch it for yourself. But before I do, I ask you: are you rejoicing this week? Christ is RISEN. Let it rest on your heart this week. Proclaim it to all around. Jesus has defeated death and that should be something we should all want to scream from the tops of mountains and rooftops.


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