Friday, April 8, 2011

Facebook Status Friday.

It's Friday. Which means Brayden's birthday is tomorrow.

Cue tears. Lots. and Lots. of BIG tears.

Ofcourse I should also say "cue procrastination", since I have waited until the last minute to do a lot of the stuff I need to do. Considering I never procrastinate, this has me a little on edge. Ughh. I digress.

I'm going to try and pick myself up by reminiscing with you over my past week's facebook status'.

On the way home from Walmart today, Brayden (who had been SO good during the entire trip!) said "I wanna hold your hand mommy". MELT. MY. HEART. We held hands the entire way home (I now have a crick in my shoulder, but it's worth it!).

As I was pulling out of my parking space at the park today, the mom who parked next to me came around to the trunk of her SUV and opened it up. Inside was her 5 year old daughter, sitting on a portable toddler potty. IN HER CAR. Do people REALLY do that????
(I was really surprised that almost ALL of my friends said that they do or have done this... I'm not sure I am on the bandwagon with this one...)

blog design. editing editing. blog design. editing editing editing. sigh. editing editing editing. :)
(this may be while I haven't gotten stuff done for B's party)

Brayden's showing me how he can "eat his toe". Lovely.
(one of the comments I got on this one was "atleast it's not poop". haha!)

Why is the whining the worst on the mother's day out afternoons? It's as if he has to make up for the fact that he hasn't been able to get to me all day...
(seriously... does anyone else's kid come home from MDO in a complete crank pot mood??? Drives. Me. NUTS.)

Wanna join in the fun? Well, then share your fave status' from the week, grab the button and link up here! What are ya waiting for?!
Happy weekend folks!


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