Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend in Review

We had a fantabulous weekend, filled with amazing weather (thank you God for sparing the rain for later!), fun birthday celebrations and friends and family.

Friday kicked off the weekend with the most beautiful weather to date in 2011. We had to clean up around the house in preparation for Brayden's birthday party on Saturday, but in the afternoon I couldn't help but swing by the park on our way to Walmart. Brayden loved it, and thankfully we were the only ones there, and so it was easy to set Connor down and just sit and watch B play with rocks and climb everything. I swear God is giving me these little glimpses of hope lately to get me through the long days, because B has been doing so pretty funny things. Friday was no exception. At the park, after running around for close to 20 minutes, Brayden came up to me and said, "momma, drinkt and sit" and then pointed to the picnic tables. So we went over to the car, dug out the sippy cup and Kix, and sat at the table to eat a snack. He was so cute, just sitting there like a big boy, eating and sipping. Made me smile. After the park we went to Walmart for some last minute supplies, and on the way home we decided we'd ride with windows rolled down. Brayden was CRACKING me up, because when a car passed us (and we were on a pretty busy road, so this was about every 10-20 seconds), he would scream out the window "HI!!!!" and wave as the car passed. This continued the ENTIRE way home. Hilarious. I love that boy so much!
Connor was not a huge fan of the park. Probably because it was hot, and it was his naptime... hard to sleep when you're burning up. Poor buddy-- he's such a trooper!
kisses for momma. LOVE how he closed his eyes.
On Friday night, we skyped my sister Megan and her husband Ben, so they could watch Brayden open up his gift. It was a Thomas the Train lego set!!! He was in love. I love technology closing the gap between these long miles between us and my family. Makes it feel like they're just right there.

Saturday was Brayden's second birthday! He woke up awefully early, but thankfully God have me the energy to get out of bed extra early too so I was prepared.
I had already decorated the kitchen, and he was so excited!

I knew that I wouldn't have time to make a super fancy breakfast, so I had bought some sprinkle cake donuts at Walmart the night before. Brayden was in heaven!
We put a candle in his donut too.

Connor was all dressed up and ready to go for the party!
hanging out with Grandad (Drew's dad) before the party
We tried with both boys. B was just NOT having it. This was the best we could do.

B's party went off without a hitch, and it was so sweet to watch him really enjoy every part of the party. After his party, he took a long nap, and then we were off again for a little birthday outing to the park. We ended his birthday with some YUMMY barbecue... they even had free ice cream, of which Brayden was a HUGE fan!
Connor just sat there like an angel, like always :)

Sunday was a recovery day for us. We went to church, but other than that laid low at the house, enjoying the slew of presents that Brayden received as gifts at his party.
We took some pics before church, and surprisngly they came out good!

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