Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend in Review

Well, it was another fun-filled, excitement packed weekend. I am pooped (what's new 'round these parts?!), but figured if I didn't sit down and write now, I may never get to it this week. So here goes...

Friday we kicked off the weekend with a family dinner date at Chick-Fil-A. Brayden is starting to say "Chick-Fil-A", which is fun, and scary all at the same time. Drew and I enjoy going there since we can send B into the play area and let him work out his energy while we sit and talk in relative peace. After dinner I headed out to run a few quick errands and Drew brought the boys home.

Saturday we woke up bright and early (or should I say B woke up bright and early and we were forced to go along on the ride... ha!) Saturday was the annual Razorfest up at U of A, and we decided to pull a brave parenting number and go with both boys, without naps. I know, I know. We were playing with fire. But sometimes you gotta take risks, especially when it comes to free events with the Hogs :) When we left our house it was SO overcast, and I honestly was questioning my sanity, but by the time we got there and found a parking spot, it had cleared and was GORGEOUS. We loaded up the boys in the double stroller and headed out to the festivities. Honestly, a lot of the stuff was just a bit over Brayden's level, so we had fun just walking around watching everyone and letting Brayden dance and say "hi!" to EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. He was skeptical of the mascots, unless Drew or I was holding him. Funny story of the morning: as we were checking out the field, we saw coach Petrino (the head coach of the Hogs) walk by on the field. Drew ran B down to see him, and told B to say hi to coach Petrino. Brayden, in his best little high pitched voice said "hi coach Pino!" SO cute.
The boys were playing while I was nursing Connor. Love these two so much!
meeting Tusk
ofcourse, he was in Heaven when he saw the golf cart.
He's definitely got a thing for blondes.
not sure about the Engergizer bunny...
and definitely not sure about the ears! LOL!
He thought the human bowling was quite intriguing. Always looking for things that are dangerous, that boy of mine.
he walked right up to the fox to give him a high five
We were REALLY lucky we were by the door when the mascots walked out, so we were able to bypass a lot of the line.
well, this is a less than flattering picture of me, but I figured I'd put it on here, because Brayden was a bit more open to the idea of the Razorback mascots once we were able to catch Big Red.

We left the festivities to take a lunch break at Subway, at which Brayden offered either a chip or part of his sandwich to not one, but two people. Silly social child of mine. After lunch we drove around until B fell asleep and then headed back to the U of A campus to hang out in the car while the kids slept. Once they woke up we headed back up to the stadium so that we could watch the spring football game. We also got a double treat because we met up with some of our best friends, Justin and Stephanie.

Brayden was SO excited when the band started playing, he started bouncing on Drew's shoulders and flailing his arms everywhere. It was hilarious.

seriously, this video doesn't do it justice.

Then, when they sang the national anthem, I told him to put his hand on his heart and to be quiet, and he did. For the whole thing. I didn't have the camera with me, but I can promise you if I did, I would have snapped pictures until my fingers bled. He loved watching the game. For about 10 minutes. After that it was off to pick every single piece of rotting, nasty, germ laden food off of the ground and taste each piece. LOVELY.
SO happy to be watching the Hogs!
Yep. He calls the Hogs. With the "wooo" and everything. Gotta raise that child up right yall!
We decided that at half time it was time to go, and headed back home. Justin, Steph and their 3 boys stayed with us Saturday night, so we had a fun time of hanging out and watching the kids play.
He was POOPED after the game!
Connor and Luke playing together after we got home. They are only 4 days apart!
This morning was crazy but we did get all of the boys together for a picture, and surprisingly they ALL looked at the camera at the same time (I know, it's an incredible feat if I do say so myself, and could not have been pulled off without Justin, Steph and Drew all saying "look here, SMILE!" in the background... haha!).
Hard to believe that 5 years ago it was just us couples hanging out, and now between us we have 5 boys 5 and under! God has definitely blessed us!
We served in infants this morning at church and then attended the most amazing church service this morning. This afternoon the boys took a nap while I went to the store to stock up on newspapers. There were two $3 off coupons for Nivea body wash in the paper today, and Walmart just had a rollback on the bodywash to $3-- so I got body wash for free! I got 4 extra papers, in addition to the one I get delivered to my home already, so I stocked up on bodywash for a while :) Can't beat that though! Then this afternoon I took advantage of the nice weather and hung out with B riding his Strider bike around the neighborhood (it's slow going, since he likes to say hi to every neighbor-- he even says "hi neighbor!"-- and sometimes wants to knock on doors), and then we went to the park. The weather this week is supposed to be pretty dreary, so I knew I had to take advantage of it while I could.
He likes to swing on the big boy swing now. Of course he does.
Sadly, he completely pancaked on the ground after launching off of this slide.

We have another busy week planned. I personally am really looking forward to reflecting on the sacrifice that Christ made on Calvary, and rejoicing in the fact that He is RISEN and has  conquered death! We'll be doing several things with Brayden this week to help him understand a little better about our amazing Savior. Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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