Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walgreens Trip: Money Maker

When I found out about the Splenda deal this week at Walgreens, I jumped on it. Basically, there was a regional manufacturer's coupon for $3 off of Splenda. Walgreens just so happened to have Splenda on sale for $2.99, so the coupon made it free. Drew drinks coffee every morning with Splenda, so we use A LOT of Splenda. To make this deal even sweeter though, this was also a register rewards deal. So basically, I got FREE Splenda, PLUS I MADE money with the register rewards! SCORE. I'm hoping this may kick start getting more free things, since I can roll the register rewards tonight for more products later.

And just so people know, I didn't break coupon etiquette and wipe out a single store. I went to 3 separate stores to avoid that, and will price match the rest of the coupons I have (I purchased 20 coupons on ebay) at Walmart. So, just to outline the deal:

Splenda: $2.99 each... $20.93
Manufacturer's coupon: $3.00 adjusted to $2.99 (according to Walgreen's policy, they adjust the coupon DOWN to the sale price if the coupon is over the retail price of the item).
plus I got $10 in register rewards to use on my next purchase(s)

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