Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebook Status Friday.

I know that I am not the only one who is SUPER stoked that it's Friday. And what's even better, is that after a week of HORRID weather, we are looking at clear sunny skies, with the highs in the mid-70s. {cue angelic voice music}. WOOO. HOOOO.

Anyways. With it being Friday and all, I figured I'd go for another round of Facebook Status Friday. If you're not familiar with it, it's a little blog hop I created. To share some of the best and most favoritist facebook status' I've had over the week. And there have been some good ones this week folks. So here goes...

I think I'm in a little bit of denial that Brayden turns 2 next week. How have 2 years flown by so fast???? :(

Just scheduled Brayden's first dental appointment... sniff, sniff.
(OK, so the previous two status' clearly show my emotions hitting hard with the fact that NEXT week, B turns 2. It's almost too much to bear, but in the same breath I get so excited about it too. Parenthood... the great pendulum of emotions.)

Just barged into Brayden's room thinking that he was up playing during naptime. It wasn't B that was kicking a crib though... it was Connor.

getting REALLY excited about Grey's tomorrow night!
(in fact, as I type this post, I am counting down the MINUTES to Grey's. I'm addicted. Seriously. ADDICTED.)

mothers day out, oh how I've missed you.
(After two whole weeks of missing MDO, I can't decide who was more excited about "school" this morning... me or B. And for the record, he did fine without his paci during naptime at school! yay!).

World record of the day: 10 minutes total in the SSA office. Connor's SS card is officially fixed.
(It's not every day that a department of the government is so efficient. I was thankful to be privy to such an event. haha!)

I swear. I may get sleeping through the night with my kids early on, but the naps are my NEMESIS. Brayden struggled with naps between 3-6 months, and now Connor is doing the same thing. UGHHHH....
(Seriously. The 45 minute intruder is KILLING me. Anyone with any wisdom in regards to nap schedules with babywise and/or baby whisperer. PLEASE help.).

I know you want to join in on the fun! SO, grab your favorite facebook status', grab the Facebook Status Friday button and link up! Happy Friday everyone!


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