Friday, August 5, 2011

Cut & Paste.

In keeping with my commitment to at least attempt to do some type of "brain" activity each day, I whipped out the scissors and we tried our hand at cutting. Considering the scissors said "3 and up" on them, I'm not sure why I thought my son would be the miraculous two year old who was following lines with a pair of shears. He did good all things considered, and by the end of the 10 minutes I think he understood more of what he was supposed to do. Baby steps, right?

He may not have a long attention span, but boy, when he is focused, he is FOCUSED.
we tried our hand at pasting too. I cut out the pieces and then he was to make a collage. this was more stressful to me than anything we've attempted thus far, since he thought the glue stick was a color and wanted to "color" on EVERYTHING. We might not pull the glue out for a while, unless I'm feeling like inducing my own panic attack. haha!

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