Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend in Review.

Greetings from the home of the walking zombies. No, seriously yall. I feel as though I haven't slept in days. Connor has been waking up between 4 and 5 am for the past several days, and he didn't think about taking a break for the weekend unfortunately. Despite my fatigue, I feel like we had a fun, productive weekend.

Friday we went to a little play date with our friends Candice, Katie and Rebekah. I brought my camera, but it stayed in the car. I think I was realistically thinking, since we had 4 2 year olds and a 9 month old playing-- trying to snap a picture would have been like trying... well, like trying to do anything ridiculously difficult. ha! The kids had fun, and Brayden left talking about his friends Laci, Cilla and Sawyer. Friday afternoon Connor was fussy (imagine that), and I knew that me cooking dinner was just NOT going to happen. Thankfully I remembered that I had a few groupon deals for BackYard Burger, so we met Drew after he got off of work and ate dinner as a family. It was surprisingly pleasant, with both boys behaving themselves and not getting rowdy. Brayden even got to split a shake with Drew and I. When he took his first sip (it was his first shake), his eyes got big and he looked at Drew and said "an ice cream cone!" LOL. SO cute. I love this age because he's able to verbalize what he is learning and experiencing, and some of the things he says are just plain hilarious!

Saturday was our Rhea Lana's sale. Drew graciously took both boys with him to the gym in the morning so that I could have a morning to myself and also go shopping. I always get so nervous before the sale... I guess I feel pressure (only that which I put on myself-- Drew has never pressured me, just to be clear) to get everything we need since clothes are just SO expensive when you add up clothes for BOTH boys. I ended up getting almost all of their Christmas presents, and most of the clothes they need for my original budget for JUST the clothes, so I was happy. If you're local, the sale is at the Frisco Station Mall in Rogers and is running through this Friday. I highly recommend it-- it's how I buy most of my kids clothes!

Saturday afternoon Drew's dad flew back into town, so we spent most of the afternoon and evening with him. Drew took his dad and Brayden to the pool after dinner, and then we all retired early for the night since we were all pretty exhausted.

Walgreens was running some new register rewards deals on toothpaste and body wash, and since I had some register rewards expiring this week we decided to head there before church so I could roll those. I got 3 tubes of toothpaste and a bottle of bodywash for $2.50 plus tax. And I walked out of the store with $7 in register rewards. Have I mentioned how much I love couponing?! Today was also our week in the nursery. Last week was promotion Sunday, so we had a bunch of itty bitties in our class today. SO difference from the babies who were sitting up/borderline crawling! But I enjoyed getting snuggles with the littles, and it made me miss having a little one (well, sort of. I don't miss the long nights, the breastfeeding and the nap issues that seem to plague me when I have a newborn). After church we all enjoyed LONG naps. It was a GOOD nap, one of those naps where you dream really random things and wake up not remembering where you are at :) Drew had to mow the grass after naptime, and for some reason I thought it would be a great idea for me and the boys to play in the garage while Drew mowed. By the time he was finished we were all SO hot and sweating profusely. That's why the ice cream truck music made me nearly jump for joy, and I ran inside to grab some money and the camera. It was Brayden's first time to experience the ice cream man. He was a bit puzzled on why we were getting ice cream from a truck, but he was very excited about his orange push pop. And I was glad I grabbed the camera, because these next few pictures are the only ones I took the whole weekend!
"I'll take one of everything!"
"hey! What about me?!"
(I just realize I didn't disclaim that B was wearing a pj shirt. We're classy like that.)
As any good big brother would do, Brayden shared his push pop.
He kept licking his lips-- HILARIOUS!
lip smackin' good yall!
baby bird :)
we ended our shindig out in the backyard-- Brayden was COVERED in orange push pop.
so he cleaned off, and then got some water with Daddy :)
he even shared some water with Toby
and we ended the weekend with a good dose of Baby Einstein. Or as Brayden likes to say "Baby steinstein."

Hope everyone enjoys their week!

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