Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School.

Today was a big day at our house.

Brayden had his first day of Mother's Day Out (called "school" 'round these parts) for Brayden.
He was beyond thrilled. He'd been asking about going to school EVERY day since it let out in May.

He is my social butterfly, and waved and said 'hi' to every person he saw on the way into the church.

He's a charmer too, with all of the workers just a swoonin' over his little personality. I'm pretty sure he has them all wrapped around his little finger. When we got to his classroom, he put away his lunch bag and backpack in his cubby, walked right into the room, and never looked back. I think most moms would find this sort of offensive, but it actually makes me proud. My job is to train him and to release him-- holding onto strings doesn't help anyone. 

I love that he has the opportunity of school-- it gives him great social interaction, and gives me a (much needed) break.

Of course, my days off this year will be a little different, since a certain someone isn't a newborn anymore :) In fact, I spent most of my morning chasing Mr. C around the living room. Back to finding out what I haven't put away properly :) haha! We took a few moments out of our morning to capture what will most likely be the last good photoshoot of him in a while. Trying to photograph infants who are mobile is nearly impossible :) Here's a sneak peak for all of you who just can't stand to wait to read his 9 month post tomorrow...


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