Monday, August 15, 2011

{extended} weekend in review.

If you're not one for looooooonnnnnggg blog posts, you may not want to read this post. I'm not really a big fan of long posts either, but I really don't like breaking up posts into two parts, especially when it all goes together anyways. So this one will be long.

This past weekend we had a fun visit from Gigi and Poppa D (my parents). Brayden was SO happy to see them and was just about spoiled rotten (what a grandparents good for?!). Saturday we took advantage of the GORGEOUS weather and went to feed the ducks and walk on a local bike path in the area.

telling the geese "hi!"
mom asked him what the ducks say and he said "honk honk!" haha!
he rode his bike almost the whole time-- we love our Strider bike!
multitasking-- playing peek a boo while drinking a bottle :)
I swear there's never a rule spoken that he thinks he shouldn't break... even the ones he doesn't even know about! :)
it's all about perspective isn't it?

Saturday afternoon/evening Drew and my dad took some time to refinish a little wooden table that was Drew's when he was a little boy. They did a great job and I can't wait to reveal it to you (in a separate post-- because it deserves it!). Brayden even was able to help out a little bit, and he was SO proud of himself :)

helping Poppa D widdle a new dowel for one of the chairs
checking out his new table (yet to be refinished)
mischief maker #2 :)
this pic makes me sad because he looks like such a big boy in it :(
mom brought Brayden a little present...
the Tickle Monster book!
complete with Tickle Monster gloves. I mean, seriously, how cute?!?!

These next few pictures are so precious to me... I love real life captured...

Saturday night mom and I had a little girls night out and went to the movies-- The Help to be exact. Oh. My. Goodness. It was SO good. Eye opening, yes. A little ashamed that people in the South were (and to some extent a lot of them still are) like that. So petty. God made us all in His image... I just hate that people have so much hate and dishonor in their hearts because someone's skin is a different color. I highly recommend seeing the movie if you haven't already...

Sunday we had the privilege of dedicating Mr. C-man at church. I loved being able to see all of our friends there are church making a vow to help us raise our boys. We have such an incredible group of friends and a strong family backing... and are so blessed by each and every one of them! Of course, true to form, both of my boys were crowd stealers and momma embarraser (and yes, I know that's not a word, but you catch my drift, right?). Brayden did well for, oh, the first minute of the dedication, but after that he was moving constantly and a sure distraction. Connor took it upon himself to "talk" to the crowd the whole time. Everyone was laughing, and I'm pretty sure my face was as red as Bob the tomato. It was awesome. To make it even more humorous, the family next to us had two children as well. Neither of their children moved or made a sound the entire time. Clearly Drew and I are doing something wrong. ha!

Brayden was in a 'terrible twos' kind of mood that morning. He got into my loose makeup powder and dumped that out. Once we cleaned that up, about 10 minutes later I didn't hear anything and we found him "painting" himself with mascara. He realized he was in big trouble.....
before we left for church. I have about 20 pictures... this was the best one. I'm hoping the boys get better at looking at the camera before our scheduled family portraits in October :)
Connor saying "AHHHHH" for the audience. Notice the clenched fists too-- this accompanies the "AHHHH" moments most of the time :)
(he was eating paper when we first were introduced. Nothing says "I love my child" like letting them eat paper in front of your church family :)
When we got home from church I put C on the floor so I could get some lunch stuff together for him-- I walked into the living room 5 minutes later and found him like this. haha!

Sunday afternoon we had my Uncle Paul and his family over to hang out with us, and then when the boys woke up from their naps we all headed out to eat. We spent most of Sunday evening just hanging out at the house, and per Brayden's request, played outside with bubbles :)

notice the bug in his left hand. it went in his mouth shortly after this pic was taken. don't worry-- i scooped it out :)
this is my mom's dog Cody. He's the baby of the family, and he knows it :) haha!
I captured his infamous "I'm about to do something you don't like and it makes me happy" grin.

We have a BUSY week this week, complete with Brayden's first day of "school"!

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