Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boo Texas: A Brayden Short Story.

For those of you who are non-Hog fans (well, first off, I feel sorry for you if you are not a Hog fan, but that's besides the point), you might not find humor in this story. For those of you who are, this one's for you.

I enrolled Brayden in a mom's and tots gym class this quarter at our fitness club. My original intention was to have something for him and I to do together during the cold winter months. Turns out, this winter has been nothing but cold. The class is still fun though, so we've stayed in it. For the past 3 weeks the teacher has played blue grass music. I find this amusing on several levels, but the most humorous of all is that the first song on the CD is Rocky Top. Rocky Top as in the Tennessee Volunteers little anthem song. I built up enough courage today to ask her if she was trying to brainwash my Hog-loving child with Rocky Top (don't worry, I was nice). She quickly responded no and that there were other CD's she could play. My point was not to make her change the disc, but just jide with her a little on the SEC rivalry. Turns out, she didn't go to an SEC school at all. No, after the Rocky Top comment she said "now in a bit, we're going to learn how to do this...." and held up all five fingers and then slowly pushed the middle two fingers down (creating a hook 'em horns). That's when I knew it. I knew I had her. I looked over at my sports lovin', Hog-callin' 2 year old and said "Brayden, what do we do when we see that?!" And pointed to his teacher's hand signal. Brayden quickly dropped the ball he was playing with, did an upside down hook 'em horns and said "BOOO Texas!" The teacher tried 3 times to get him to do the hook 'em horns, and every time she did, he repeated the upside down hook 'em and his "Boo Texas" chant.

That's my boy :)

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