Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend in Review.

Whew, what a weekend we have had! It's been fun-filled for sure, and has left me not looking forward to our cleaning day today. We were so very excited to watch our Hogs win in the Cotton Bowl on Friday!

Friday morning we headed over to my friend's Cari's house for a little Razorback game day fun with the boys. Both of us have boys that are basically the same age (there's only a few months between both Jack and Brayden and Will and Connor). We had fun decorating Razorback sugar cookies, playing outside in the unusually warm weather, and calling the Hogs of course! (thanks Cari, for these pictures-- I was lazy and didn't bring my camera).

Jack had just started being potty trained this past week, and I think he had a little positive peer pressure on Brayden. While we were at Cari's both boys peed on the potty twice! Brayden has long mastered the art of #2 on the potty, but we were hit or miss with #1. I was really surprised how Brayden easily went on the potty, and with seeming excitement. So Friday afternoon we headed to Walmart to get some big boy undies and hit the ground running.

Saturday Drew had to study all day so me and the boys just hung out at the house and lounged. Brayden did not have a single accident all day, and even kept his pull up dry when we went to our friend Kellen's 2nd birthday party! I am such a proud momma!
THe party was at the Little Gym... Brayden LOVED it!
Connor was a fan too :)
(a) this picture cracks me up. Why do we even attempt group shots with tons of small children? (b) look at the Parent Paparazzi in the mirror. ha!
at one point Brayden climbed on top of a chair to get a baloon. Notice the worker to the left of the picture.
now notice the worker girl. She's clearly freaked about Brayden. Drew and I didn't even blink when he tried it. Are we supposed to be freaked out???

Sunday we went to church, and I was surprised again to find that Brayden had kept his pull up dry. I guess it really is true what they say: don't pressure your kids into potty training and just wait to do it when they're ready.

Sunday afternoon our church had a little skate party so we decided to go and try our hand at roller skating. I figured Brayden would love it, seeing how he's so adventurous and bold about doing new, dangerous things. Wouldn't you know the minute he put those skates on (we tried actual skates at first, not the little toddler training skates, which is probably why we had the epic fail) he was not having it. Drew barely made it 1 round around the skating rink. Brayden spent the rest of the time "playing" arcade games.
this was towards the end of their loop. Clearly Brayden was NOT happy.
Cari and Jack about to head out to the floor

The one fun thing of the evening was that the skating rink allowed us to bring our stroller out on the floor. How fun! Cari and I had a fun time pushing Will and Connor (JJ and Drew tried their hand at it too). Connor LOVED it, and kept clapping the whole time-- what a life!
the men and the babies
Me and Cari with the babies.

We've got a busy week planned, but I'm kind of looking forward to it, since it involves some fun things with the boys. Hope yall have a great week!

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