Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend in Review

While I'd love to blame my exhaustion on a busy weekend, when I look at what we did it doesn't seem as though business has anything to do with it. We DID have a fun weekend though, which is all that matters, right?

Friday we had the great blessing of having a surprise visit from my parents. It was a complete surprise, as we had found out 2 days prior, but nonetheless something that we hadn't really planned on. Both boys were SO happy to see their Gigi and Poppa D.

When I had told Brayden that Gigi and Poppa were coming, he immediately asked if Gigi would read the Tickle Monster book to him. My mom bought the Tickle Monster several months ago for Brayden, but has only read it to him a few times between now and then (usually atleast once when she visits), so it was crazy to me that he had remembered it! I'm pretty sure mom read it at least 4 times in the day and a half they were here, and even Connor got in on the excitement :)
IMG_20120127_183129 - Aladin,Ground

IMG_20120128_190225 (these pictures aren't the best quality. I was too lazy to get my SLR out, and the only other alternative is our tablet right now. Better than nothing I guess).

One of the biggest things that happened this weekend is that Connor has consistently tried to walk! He's still as wobbly as a drunk who's downed ten bottles of tequilla, but it's about the cutest thing you've ever seen. And he is SO SO proud of himself. It's bitter sweet for me.... my back will certainly thank him, as I nearly kill myself having to lug around a 25 pound toddler everywhere, but my mind and eyes tell me what my heart doesn't want to believe-- that my baby isn't a baby anymore (cue emotional mom tears).

Saturday dad took Brayden on their traditional donut date to the local donut shop. It's Brayden's very favorite thing to do with his Poppa. After donuts they had a little adventure. I wish my phone gets pictures, because dad sent some of the cutest pics to my mom's phone to show their time together. Since Drew had to study all day on Saturday, we spent most of the day enjoying each other's company at home, and then later that evening enjoyed a dinner out to eat with my parents before Drew headed back to studying for the night.

Today has been a whirlwind with church, Drew studying some more (I don't think I could stress to you how anxious I am for this class, and degree, to be behind us. I'm ready to have our family back together again!) and then community group tonight.

I'm so exhausted I haven't even checked our schedule to see what's going on this week. I think a lot of my exhaustion has to do with my anxiety about a lot of things going on in our family right now. If you think of it, will you pray for me? I need some mental (as well as physical) rest, and Satan is just having a heyday with my mind right now.

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