Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Letter from Santa.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we decided to keep Santa in our Christmas traditions. I knew that since I wanted to keep Jesus as the nucleus of our Christmas traditions, I wanted Santa to always point to HIM. So I figured a letter from Santa would be a perfect place to start.

Christmas Eve Brayden laid out a few cookies he had decorated, a glass of milk, and his own little note. No idea what it said, but I told him to write a letter to Santa, and that's what he wrote. He bid Bonner goodnight and went to bed for the night.

Santa stuffed the stockings full of all kinds of fun treats, ate almost all of the cookies, drank all of the milk, and wrote a letter to the boys on his "parchment" paper. Here's the letter:
And if you can't read what it says, here's the transcript ;)

Dear Brayden & Connor, 

MERRY CHRISTMAS! As you can see, I've filled your stockings with LOTS of fun surprises. A lot of people say that I leave these because you are good, but I have a secret for you: I leave surprises no matter if you are good or bad. You wanna know why? Because I want to celebrate Jesus on Christmas, and Jesus came as a gift for EVERYONE, even all of the bad people in the world. These little surprises are left for you so that you will remember the GREATEST gift that was ever given to us: JESUS!

I've taken Bonner back with me to the North Pole. Thank you for taking care of him for me! He's had great fun watching you boys play together and do things that make Jesus' heart happy-- he told me all about them! Things like obeying your momma the first time, helping out daddy with the trash, and playing nicely with your brother and friends. Doing things that make Jesus' heart happy make my heart (and your mommy and daddy's heart) happy too!

Thanks also for the yummy cookies and milk. I love some good treats, and you left my favorite! I've left a little nibble on the plate because I thought your daddy might like a bite too-- can you share with him for me please?

I love you both so much, Brayden and Connor, and can't wait until next year when we can celebrate Jesus' birthday together again. Have a wonderful year and remember to always act in a way that would make Jesus smile :) 

Love Your Friend--

Santa Clause

For the record, Brayden ate the leftover cookie piece before we even had a chance to let him know that Santa wanted him to share. Don't worry, he told Drew that it was yummy ;)

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