Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pictures and Captions.

(sidenote: I have no clue why this post is not posting correctly. It's all out of whack but after my 3rd attempt to correct things I threw in the towel. Sorry for the text being formatted all crazy).

It's been a while since I put some pics of the boys on this here ol' blog. So when we took advantage of yet another unseasonably warm winter afternoon and ventured to the park, I took the camera along for the journey.

_MG_8333 Brayden the helper _MG_8335 "wook momma! I'm an airplane!" _MG_8337 _MG_8342 _MG_8347 _MG_8354 doesn't this picture just make you want to kiss him?!?!?! _MG_8356 I realize this is blurry, but it makes my heart melt. I love his sweet baby face and am so so so sad that he's growing up so fast! _MG_8359 _MG_8366 Connor kept scooting up and down this ledge and smiling so big when he did it. I think he likes being a big boy :) _MG_8369 scooting off... _MG_8370 _MG_8373 climbing up on the rock wall. _MG_8375 exploring. And yes, I realize he has a snot bubble. What do you do when you run out of kleenex at the park??? _MG_8376 making a wish with the lovely trashcan in the background ;) _MG_8386 this boy LOVED playing in the bark. He was COVERED in it by the time we left. _MG_8395 checking out the other kids _MG_8397 letting us know his opinion. _MG_8401 _MG_8404 _MG_8407 I love watching them playing together. They are becoming good friends and it just makes me so happy. _MG_8408 Connor sure lets Brayden know his opinion :)

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