Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend in Review: Birdday Parties & Bloggy Meetups

I have put off all household chores to have fun this weekend. And fun we've all had, although I think the clutter and germ fest that is my home is starting to wear on my stress level. We'll be doing full blown cleaning tomorrow. ha!

Friday was a heckuvaday. Can I just say that my life is a mess right now? I mean, you name it, something is wrong with it. Or perhaps not wrong with it, but not ideal, like my husband having to work full time and be in school full time. It's just lead to a lot of stress for me right now and so I spent much of Friday teetering on mental insanity. If only I was kidding.

I finally pulled my boot straps up and got myself together. Thank goodness I had a girls night out with some bloggy friends on Friday to look forward to, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have buckled and gotten a large Dr Pepper from Sonic with no remorse. And just when I thought the stress couldn't get any worse, I left Brayden in the bathroom to use the potty for literally 2 minutes. I came back to find this:

camera - Sophia,Cornered

And not only this, but also a toilet that was brimming with water. I stumbled on my words as my eyes took in the scene. "What did you do?!?!??!" was all that could stutter out of my mouth. Brayden, with a look of complete innocence on his face but with blue dandruff shampoo covered hands, looked at me and said "ummm... I fwushed the washfffcoff. I can't find it mommy." Oh dear goodness, I nearly had a heart attack thinking about a wash cloth down our pipes. Thankfully I was able to retrieve it after going elbow deep in the shampoo and pee filled toilet. Keep in mind that Connor was continually trying to crawl INTO the bathroom during this whole time. The bathroom that had Selsum Blue on the floor, all over the toilet and in the tub. Our bathroom STILL smells like the stuff. Ahhhh, parenting. Gotta love it.

Needless to say, Drew came home and I left to go out with some bloggy friends. Except my bloggy meetup was not supposed to start until 7:30. So you know what I did? I did what any mother who has had a shampoo filled toilet kind of day, and I sat in my car and listened to silence (I also caught up with a friend on the phone).

I had so much fun at the meetup for Jillian. The only person I actually knew IRL was Whitney. We met at a bloggy meetup back in October last year. Everyone was so fun... I just LOVE bloggy meetups. We did have quite a large group, so I wasn't really able to talk with some of the other people at the other end of the table as much as I would have liked... which is why all restaurants should have round tables! ha!

Front: yours truly, Katie, Jillian, Taylor, and Lauren
Back: Lindsey (her blog's private), Brittany, Whitney, Rachel, Kim, and Tara
(I also feel like I should thank Whitney for writing her post first... I didn't have to search through people's twitter profiles for blog links- thanks Whit!)
You just never know what your camera might catch :) haha!

Saturday Drew had to study most of the day. But we did pick him up for a little break to go and celebrate Brayden's friend's birthday... who also happens to have the name Brayden! The party was an Angry Bird themed party. Jenna did such a great job with the decorations and the FUN real-life angry bird setup. It was perfect for the kids!

Connor enjoyed pushing the boxes around
the cute center pieces
and the cupcakes
Jenna had a coloring table setup... Brayden was in LOVE.
the sweet birthday boy blowing out his candles
Connor was excited to eat a cupcake. So excited in fact, that he grabbed the top of the cupcake before we even had a chance to sit down.
he was VERY mad when the cupcake was gone.
Both of the Brayden's playing with a tractor :)

Saturday afternoon we headed to Walmart for a few things. As I was getting out of the car another woman came over and said "did you see that?!?! Oh my gosh!" I had heard the police siren but didn't really think anything of it. Turns out, some crazy person was running from the cops, and thought it would be best to pull his truck up to the Walmart, leave it there in the middle of the road, and run into walmart. Away from the cops. Yeah... drama. I sat in the car for a while till I saw people going back into the store. Brayden, true to form, yelled "HIIIII firemen!!!!!" to the policemen as we walked into the store. hahaha!

Today we have stayed home all day and laid low. Both of the boys have raspy sounding coughs, and I just didn't want to expose them to something in the nursery that would put them down for the count. Drew and I are headed on a little date before community group tonight for some much needed kid-free conversation. Hope yall have a great week!

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