Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girls Trip 2012.

Last weekend I traveled to Branson with some of my besties for a girls getaway retreat. The trip was a blast, but I came home exhausted and to a busy, full week. Thus the lack of blogging this week. Not to mention I've just been in a kind of blah mood, which means that my creativity right now is lacking. What isn't lacking, is the laughs I get when I see these pictures. I am so so so blessed to have girlfriends who love the Lord, love me, and love to have a good time. I pray that each of you are blessed with the same.

First night out for dinner. I ran in high heels to make it into this picture. Please, hold the applause. ;)
2nd night out, at the Branson Landing.
Katie said she wanted to hold me in the picture. Clearly she undercalculated my weight a bit. LOL
we got a good laugh out of it though
don't cross us.
I love these two girls. If you ever need a laugh, just hang out with them. Seriously.
Jenny and I with our smoking guns.
Jenny trying to decide if she should take up a career in modeling
Mere and I shared a margarita at dinner. It was incredible
we got a lot of stares when we were out and about. One lady even took our picture and sent it to her son because he had refused to come with her to Branson since Branson was only for "old people who don't have fun". ha!
I'm sparing the embarassment to my two friends by omitting the picture taken right before this one. Let's just say it's hilarious.

I'm hoping to get to a few other posts that need to be written... mainly about my boy Brayden, who is now fearlessly swimming on his own and riding a bike without training wheels (yes, I'm ready for him to quit growing... life's flying by way too fast). And now, I'm retreating to my lair, away from this awful 100+ degree, record breaking heat.

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