Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meredith's Wedding. aka A Post With Pictures of Me with Makeup On.

One of the (many) reasons I rarely put pictures of myself on the blog is because I am mostly behind the camera. Coming in at a close second in reasons why I am never in front of the camera may be because I rarely, hardly ever, wear makeup or get done up. Let's face it: a mom with two kids 3 and under means that I am often faced with the dilemma to either shower and put on makeup, or rest my feet for 30 minutes while my children nap (we all know that taking a shower while my children are awake would never be possible unless I had a desire for my house to be burnt to the ground). Considering I'm a moderately sane woman, I choose rest over hygiene. And honestly, I'd rather not look good than not feel good any day. I also realize this is a phase, and that one day (hopefully in the near future), that I can embrace showering and makeup again :)
But all that is besides the point... When my family moved to Little Rock back in the 90s, we had no family nearby. In all honesty, it was a lonely move, and one that I was destined to resist for as long as possible. The Lord knew that my hardening heart needed someone wise to come along and help soften it. He gave me Mrs. Amy. From day 1, the Henry's have been our closest friends in Arkansas. They are like family to us. We've spent holidays together, went to the lake together, canoed together... for all intensive purposes they ARE our family (in fact, one of my sisters and one of the Henry boys convinced several people that they were indeed cousins. For the longest time, everyone thought that we were truly related. Love those two!).

Anyways, I'm not really sure I had to say all that to say that we had the privilege of going to Meredith's wedding several weeks ago. Drew couldn't come due to logistics of trying to find someone to watch kids, etc, which I was bummed about because (a)weddings are more fun when your spouse comes and (b) it was a country wedding, meaning Drew could've two stepped and line danced with the best of them :) Despite not having my person (if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, you'll know what I mean by this), I did have a side kick in my younger sister, who can tear down a dance floor like nobody's business. Here's are few of the pics I captured, when I wasn't trying to keep up with the young dancers :)

This is at the beginning of the reception. No one else on the dance floor except for these two crazies
The lighting was less than ideal for my camera equipment, so bear with me through some of these. The decorations were fabulous. I was in love with these ginormous vine balls hanging from the ceiling
This is one of those pictures that I get all smiley and then realize that you really had to have been there to get the cool effect of these things. Oh well. I tried.
Mrs Cindy, Mrs Amy and my momma. weddingpic_16
more of the cute decor. How fabulous is that pillow? I seriously wish I had pinterest when I was getting married. Oh the possibilities
the bridal party table.
I have no idea why I think this picture looks so cool
a couple hours of dancing and a few glasses of wine and you'll be sure to look like this
can you see who caught the bouquet?
oh yes. she did. hahahaha.
At the beginning of the reception we had a little fun with Mere. These pictures make me laugh. Mere had no idea we were taking them. Gah I miss my sister
sooooo sad this turned out grainy. Oh well.
My mom and my sister Laura. I think Megan was feeding my niece at the time.

And quite possibly my favorite.... they had a photobooth. Such fun. I'm pretty sure Laura and I went in this thing about 5 times. Here's one of all of us old neighbors... and my niece Zoe.

Believe it or not, I am STILL sorting through pictures of when my mom and sisters were here... more to come later :)

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