Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hanging Out with Aunts and Gigi.

I totally forgot to share the rest of the pictures from our time with my sisters, niece and mom from two weeks ago.... my mind is burning at both ends! I'll just caption each picture as I go instead of doing a run down and then posting pics.

We brought the boys to a creek one day to play.
I love seeing pictures of Brayden throwing. His form makes me smile. And yes, I realize this is the ball player in me and that not all moms smile when their boys throw. I'm weird. ha!
Oh how he loves his Gigi.
showing me how he can blow his gum
a valiant attempt I must say.
My mom took Brayden on a little afternoon date to Chuck E Cheese. This was them before they left. Brayden has not quit talking about his little excursion with .
Gigi. He even ratted my mom out at dinner that night saying "Gigi didn't turn left." (my mom got lost on the way there). haha!
A while back my mom purchased a book for the boys titled "The Tickle Monster". It comes with little tickle monster gloves. it's a special book, that we only take down when Gigi is here... it's usually the first thing they ask for when she gets here.
It was a fun filled week and the boys have already asked when Gigi, Megan and Laura are coming back (oh, and Zoe too!). I also realized in sorting through pictures that I never got a single picture of my sister Megan. Bahhh. Terrible sister award goes to me (although she did admit that she was avoiding the camera, so I guess I can't take all the blame). Just a few more pics of Zoe and I'll be current on all life events... yay!

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