Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brayden's First Razorback Game.

I decided to forego my traditional weekend in review and instead post two separate posts for the weekend happenings.
I grabbed a Hog nose for Brayden at Walmart on the way to the game. He LOVES it. He was also heartbroken when we got to the stadium and he realized he had forgotten it in the car. There were lots of tears.

Saturday we loaded up ourselves and my Uncle Paul and headed down to U of A for the Razorback football game. I have to admit I was a little nervous going into the game. Brayden can be hit or miss when it comes to things like this, so I didn't know if we would get a good night or a night that we'd rather forget about :) Thankfully, it was a hit despite the bad weather.
On our way to the stadium (I promise Brayden's pants are long enough :) )
We got to the game just as the pregame was starting. Brayden started calling the Hogs immediately. It was precious. He couldn't understand at first why the football game wasn't going on, and kept asking when they were going to play.
soaking it all in
We had a rain delay during the first quarter. I was a bit nervous that Brayden would lose it, but he went with the flow like he'd been attending rainy college football games his whole life
our seats actually kept us dry since they were underneath the press box, but we still put a poncho on him since we had to walk down the stairs in the rain. He thought it was the coolest!
No football game is complete without fun gameday treats. Brayden had requested cotton candy during the rain delay, but it was sadly not in the booth. It was heartbreaking moment #2 during the game for him. Uncle Paul came to the rescue in the 2nd half, finding the cotton candy guy and treating Brayden to a sugary treat. Watching Brayden trying to eat the cotton candy was just as entertaining as watching the game... he had cotton candy EVERYWHERE, even up his nose.

Another storm was coming through after halftime, so we left after the second quarter. It was actually perfect timing for Brayden. He absolutely loved the game, and it was so so so rewarding to watch him enjoy everything for the first time. When I asked him what his favorite things were about the game, he told me he liked: the smoke coming out of the Hog nose (our players run out of the a Hog snout at the beginning of the game), the fireworks when we scored, calling the Hogs and singing the fight song. I can't wait to take him to his next game!

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