Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-R-Treat 2012.

We've had a fun, candy-filled day. Both of the boys had so much sugar, I was afraid they'd go into a diabetic coma. Just a warning: this post is probably going to be boring unless you are related to us. But I love looking back at what we did, so wanted to document the mundane.

Our first stop this afternoon was Drew's work. They always put on a big trick-r-treating deal for the families at their office. All of the different office spaces are decorated in themes. I've brought the boys every year since Drew's worked there, and each year I've been amazed at the dedication some of these teams put into their themes. I sadly didn't get any pictures this year of the different set ups... I was too busy chasing around Spiderman and a monkey to snap anything. I was a bit unsure if Connor would understand what was going on. While that was true for the first 2 minutes, once he realized that everyone that had a big bucket of candy was giving it away, the child was on a beeline mission for all candy. It was so cute.
Love these two so much!

We came back home for a quick dinner, and then headed to a local fall festival. Unfortunately there were long lines for most of the games. Brayden waited patiently, but Connor... not so much. We stayed for about 20 minutes and then decided to just go trick-r-treating. Both of the boys LOVED it. They had glo sticks, which was just as much of a hit as the candy. Again, no pictures. It was so dark and I was having to contain the herd.

Both of the boys LOVED trick-r-treating this year. The only downside is that you can't really control some of the scary costumes that other kids wear, or the scary decorations. Brayden overcame his fears quickly with his "super powers"-- shooting his imaginary spidey webs on any of the evil, bad guys. Connor just kept saying "scaweeee", and after a bad mummy incident on someone's doorstep, we had to carry Connor the rest of the way. I know a lot of people skip halloween festivities because of stuff like this. But I just used it as an opportunity to remind my boys that those things weren't real, but that even if they were that we have our trust in God, who will protect us when we are afraid. I think that's a good reminder for all of us to remember!

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