Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend in Review: Family Pictures, Goose Eggs & Hiking.

We've had quite the weekend this weekend, and I feel like I need to sleep for about 48 hours to recuperate. Too bad sleeping for even 12 hours hasn't happened in years. I digress....

Saturday morning Drew headed out to help some friends move. For some reason solo Saturdays seem so much harder than the week days. I've yet to figure out why. Brayden was actually unusually compliant. I think the Lord knew I needed a little reprieve :)
I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for breakfast on Saturday. I think Connor was a fan, no?

Saturday afternoon we had family pictures. I should have known things weren't headed in the right direction when we realized I had written down the wrong time for our slot and were 30 minutes early. Thank goodness Lowe's was close. We occupied our time by pushing the boys around in the race car buggy. Both boys were in good moods, so I was hopeful things would go well. Unfortunately the minute we tried to sit down, Connor had nothing of it. Back arching was involved, as well as some awesome screaming. The drama pinnacled when the boys were running down a concrete trail, and Connor tripped, bonking his head really hard on the concrete. An egg immediately popped up, and Connor was pretty upset. It pretty much ended our session. I'm just praying for 1 good family picture. I'll be happy with that. Thankfully Connor is pretty resilient and by dinner time was laughing that he "got a bonk on his head". The kid's just had a rough month! As if Connor getting a goose egg wasn't bad enough, Brayden ended up falling in the creek after our session. At that point I had maxed out on the drama, and we headed home.
egg on the head. bloody nose. A sucker was much needed

Today we went to church. We had planned on spending most of the morning there, but after the service was almost over, one of our teaching pastors came out and calmly explained that there was a bomb threat and we needed to leave calmly. For the most part, everyone stuck to the calm part. It was awkwardly quiet. And quite strange, being at church, somewhere I've never really been scared, and all of the sudden not knowing if I should laugh at the fact there was a bomb threat or rush out, grab my babies, and try not to cry. Glad that saga is over, to say the least.

Since we had extra time we hadn't really accounted for in the day, we decided to carpe diem and went hiking with the boys for an hour or so. The weather was perfect for it, and the boys LOVED it. I brought my big girl camera, and wouldn't you know, after the first picture I took, realized I had forgotten to put my memory card in the camera before we left. Bummer. So I was once again left to my phone to capture the memories.... thank goodness for smart phones!
this is about how group shots go. Brayden sits and says cheese. Connor gets up and runs away
Give Brayden sticks, and he is one happy boy.
the leaves are changing here, and are absolutely gorgeous. My camera phone doesn't do the fall colors justice
we stopped on a log for a lunch break.
Brayden was all about climbing trees
It didn't matter how big the tree-- or sapling-- was :)
Connor enjoyed climbing on the rocks
and walking ahead of us on the trail

The rest of our Sunday was relatively non-dramatic. The boys played outside after naptime until dinner. We have a busy week ahead of us, but some fun things planned too. Hope yall have a great week!

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