Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Nightly Water Washing.

By far the hardest thing thus far with Connor's finger injury has been the nightly soaks that are required. At the beginning of all of this amputation fun, we were told that the best way for us to really keep Connor's finger tip clean and avoid infection was to soak it in a solution of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water.... for 15 minutes.

Sounds easy enough, until you throw into the equation that we're dealing with a 22 month old. And if you know anything about 22 month olds, then you know that trying to get a 22 month old to sit still for 2 minutes, let alone 15, is practically impossible. I'm pretty sure we had better odds if we were told to go and catch fish with our bare hands.

For almost 3 weeks we've persistently fought the toddler in soaking the finger. He's a smart one, our Connor, and would run out of the bathroom after bathtime saying "no water, no water!" because he knew it was soak time. We tried mini m&ms, suckers, candy.... nothing worked that well. This continued to be our nightly ritual. Until last week.

Drew was out of town last weekend, and so my neighbor Becky came over to assist me in the 15 minutes of bribing and singing that took place to keep Connor's mind off of the fact that his injurred finger was soaking in a medical wash. It worked well for about 8 minutes, but after that it was like trying to contain a bucking bronco. Then Becky whipped out her iPhone, clicked play on Bubble Guppies, and there was peace in the world. Connor instantly became quiet, and sat for the remainder of the time.

Here I was, for over 2 weeks, feeding single m&ms to him and praying he'd make it at least 10 minutes. And all I needed was Bubble Guppies. Of course the solution would be that simple. Of course.

So now all I have to tell him is to get ready for his "water" and his show. The kid gets so excited he can barely contain himself, plops himself on Drew's lap, and watches Bubble Guppies. Who knew the fix would be so easy?!
you can't really tell from this picture, but his finger is healing SO good! It looks like he'll be missing about 1/2 of his nail bed, so the finger tip will be a little deformed. We're continuing to pray for no bone sensitivity, which will be the biggest factor in determining if he needs surgery.
Don't take pictures of me... I'm soaking my finger

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