Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Corn Maze 2012.

The past two years our church has had a family night at a local corn maze. You can read all about our trip to the corn maze last year. We headed to the corn maze again last night and had a blast! I have loved experiencing these things with Brayden again this year... he remembers from last year and just gets over the moon excited about them!
I figured pictures in their little photobooth should be taken first, since the boys were both still in great moods. Not sure it really helped that much :)
bless his heart. The sun was so bright.
Connor was just thrilled about this photo-op
we thought maybe if I was in the picture it would be better. Clearly that wasn't the case
Our first stop was the petting zoo. Connor was in HEAVEN. Brayden was too, but he was much more worried about getting over to the corn canon.
so awed by the big cow
he has grown up SO fast. It makes me so sad!
On our way to the corn canon, they found the big pile of mulch. Love my two adventurers!
we ran into Brayden's little buddy, Jack.
The corn canon. Brayden's favorite part of the evening (he told us so). Why are boys so obsessed with guns of any sort????
Drew would hold the canon while Brayden would press the red button to shoot
every time a corn would go off, Brayden would step back and pump his fist. He was just SO in awe of how far he could shoot the corn!
love this
checking out the hay bale spider
Next was the cow train with friends. I can't believe both boys are big enough to go by themselves! Brayden kept waving to everyone around, like he was the king of a local parade. So funny!
waiting in line with Paige (who has said she wants to marry Brayden, because "he's a hard worker." I mean, really, how cute are they?!?!).
he was so excited to go on the cow train!
Connor wasn't so sure, but really loved it!
Brayden insisted that we go to the corn maze. Which freaks me out because really, if he wanted, he could zip out of sight and be lost in a deep corn abyss. Thankfully all the kids stuck together (for the most part. there was one moment where we thought we lost Brayden. All ended well though ;) )
our best attempt at a group picture
Brayden found this large stick and nearly impaled several people. Thankfully he gave it up without a fight
The evening was SO fun. Unfortunately all fun must come to an end. As our family tradition would have it, we left with two screaming children, who screamed almost the entire way home. I started laughing half way home because really, sometimes you just have to laugh at the craziness that kids throw your way.


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