Monday, October 8, 2012

Perspective {Weekend in Review}.

Like most in our community, I'm still in a state of shock regarding the tragic loss of Matt Turner. My heart just aches for his sweet wife Julee, and their precious baby girl, Preslee. This weekend has left me with a lot of perspective. Perspective that life is short and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Perspective that I am incredibly blessed, and instead of focusing on the little things that may annoy me, to focus on the great big things that bless me every minute of the day. Perspective that while the blogging world does have lots of nasties, there is also a great community of women who will band together and do great things when one of our own is struck with tragedy.

For those of you who are interested, the blogging community has come together for different types of fund raisers and encouragement teams. Kelly has a some of that information on her blog HERE. Jenna has a comprehensive list of bloggers, shops and funds that are being set up to benefit Julee and Preslee, that you can find HERE.

As for us, we had a weekend that was the king of laid back weekends. Nothing to report. Other than the fact that I'm holding my blessings a little bit tighter tonight.

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