Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A {REAL LIFE} Home Tour.

One of my favorite things on blogs is home tours. I love seeing how people decorate, wall colors, furniture... and how they somehow keep their house impeccably tidy despite having children. That last tidbit makes me drool a bit, but let's be honest... no one who has children can really keep a house spic and span for more than 10 minutes. Yes, children are like tiny tornadoes that follow behind a vacuum to leave a new trail of crumbs and dirt. I love my little blessings to death, but sometimes I get frustrated by the fact that my house seemingly never stays as clean as the homes you see on Pinterest. So, in an effort to fully disclose the state of my home on most days, I figured I'd give you a picture viewing of what my house REALLY looks like behind the screen.
the laundry room. It actually wasn't too bad on this day. But it almost always has something hanging on the drying pole.
the corner of most rooms has a spider, dead or alive. or both.
my table is rarely free of crumbs. And under the table... well, I didn't take a picture, but you can guess, it's about the same (although having a dog helps greatly in the under the table crumb category).
the boys bathroom is almost always in some sort of disarray. And has baby tubs taking up 90% of the counter space.
towels and soap collections abound, cluttering up most free space that they have left.
confession: I rarely make my bed. Which means I don't hold it over my kids heads if they don't make their beds either. Also, I still haven't returned most of the maternity clothes I borrowed from friends when I was pregnant with Tyler, thus the bags of clothes on the floor.
non-bed making people, unite! Neat and tidy beds are overrated, right?
I loathe folding clothes. LOATHE it. So my couch looks like this. A LOT.
I may find time to clean dishes, but they may not get picked up.
we like to keep our kitchen classy by showcasing all the flies that make it inside since MY CHILDREN NEVER SHUT THE BACK DOOR.
dusting? what's dusting?
I would love it if my dresser looked like it belonged in a furniture gallery. Instead it houses random things that don't really have a place and GI Joe, for good measure. realhometour_adollopofmylife_4
I think I see a consistent theme with counter tops. We also seem to have a soap collection problem ;)
the mantle is cute, but almost always has random stuff on it. To keep away from the kids. It's our last option to keep things out of kids reach since our kids seem to keep growing.

SO... Fellow moms, know that you're not alone in your frustrated clean home endeavors. And like I like to constantly remind myself, these little people won't be little for long, and someday, when my house is clean and quiet, I'll probably miss these loud and messy moments with all my heart.

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