Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun for the Fourth.

We celebrated Fourth of July a little early this year. Our friend, Paige, turned 6, so we went to her birthday party. It was a cowgirl party, completely with a "watering hole." The boys had an absolute BLAST!
this was a water slide with a jump house attached. The water was FREEZING, and combined with our cooler than normal temps, B only slid down once.
he was much more interested in the water squirt guns.
Connor was excited to have a new sword
by far their favoritist thing at the party was the body paint that Katie made out of baby shampoo. Brilliant! Brayden started painting away, and kept laughing hysterically with every swipe. I'm not sure I've ever seen him so giddy about something.
after B was done with the paint, he came over to me and said "I'm the hulk!" ha!

After the party was over, we headed to a fireworks show put on by a local church. It is an incredible show that we've been to the past two years. The boys talk about it ALL. YEAR. LONG. They were SO SO SO excited to not only go again this year, but also have all of their friends there to play with. Such good memories.
Connor and Parker sharing some Cheez-Its
I caught C storing some crackers away for later :)
the kids all played tackle football.
Tyler chilled the entire night. He is seriously the worlds best baby (most of the time).
Drew got tackled a lot :)
Close to sunset, someone came out and sold light up swords. Basically, Brayden's ideal toy. So off Brayden went to discover where this awesome thing came from. Problem was, he didn't tell us and for a second, we panicked. We caught him this far off looking for swords about 3-4 times. That boy will do anything to wield a weapon.
he slept through the entire show.
so blessed with so many friends who have such great kids. I love that my boys have such a tight knit group of little friends.

I didn't end up attempting fireworks pictures this year. I am not that great at it, and trying to keep both of my boys seated during the show took precedence over trying to get camera settings right. It was a great show though, and my boys are already looking forward to next year.

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