Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Connor at 2.5 Years.

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Connor is rounding the corner and sprinting towards three. It's been a bitter sweet time for me, as I've loved seeing him develop these past couple of months, but hate seeing the last bit of baby go in him. He's such a sweet little boy (most of the time), and there are few things I just never want to forget.
- Connor LOVES to sing. He sings ALL. THE. TIME. Walking around the house, playing outside, swimming, in the car. He just loves it. If we're in the car he'll always ask for music, and he wants it loud :) Right now his favorites are "Awesome God" and "I Love You Lord". Mark my words, there is nothing sweeter than hearing his little voice sing songs about Jesus.
- Connor is starting to look ahead towards milestones. I don't remember Brayden doing this near as much at this age, which probably has a lot to do with having a big brother more than anything. Connor has requested to be a pirate for Halloween, and he also reminds me that when he turns 3 he can go to swimming lessons and chew gum.
- When people ask him how old he is, Connor replies "I Connor (sounds like Tawnah) and I 2!" He holds up his pointer finger and his thumb to show the number 2 with fingers.
- Connor LOVES going to church. He knows exactly where our church is, so anytime we pass it he says "that my church!" When we get there and get to his classroom, he says "Good morning! I here!" and runs in to play with the other kids.
- Connor is very physically affectionate and will give hugs to anyone he sees. Even strangers. Which makes for awkward social situations when a stranger is caught off guard.
- Connor LOVES to swim. This was a welcome change for us, as last year he HATED the water. This year he will run and jump into the pool yelling "CANNONBALL!"
- Connor loves for everyone to be his friend, especially his brothers. A lot of times he'll tell me "mom, Brayden my buddy" or "mom, Tyler's my buddy." He also asks "where's my Brayden?" if he doesn't know where B is. The two are inseparable, get into trouble together and love each other fiercely. I hope their bond is always strong and deep like it is now. I love seeing them become such good friends.
- Connor has a little bit of a temper. If he doesn't get his way he is quick to pout, slam doors, kick and throw stuff. We obviously don't allow this behavior, but sometimes it's humorous to watch play out (emphasis on sometimes). One time when he was throwing a fit he told me "I want to go to Gigi's!" Never thought we'd get to the "let's escape to Grandma's house to get away from the terrible parents" this early. Mercy.
- Connor loves to tell stories now. I love seeing him get really into telling me about something that happened. He uses the most animated hand gestures and makes his eyes get really big. It's hilarious.
- sometimes I call the boys by both their first and middle names. Connor will sometimes correct me and say "I NOT Connor Andrew-- I CONNOR!"
- Connor is fully gliding on his Strider bike (meaning he can balance completely on it now). Drew and I think that he'll be on a two wheeled big boy bike by the end of the year.

Connor-- I love you sooooo much and cannot imagine my life or our family without you. Thank you for bringing joy to our home and light to our life. We love you little man!

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