Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Boy of Many Faces.

Ah Life. Life with a baby in it has a weird way of slowly creeping by but at the same time speeding up at warp speed.

We don't do much around here. I mean, we DO stuff, but it's boring... like doing countless Pre-K worksheets or playing soccer. Not what most blog readers want to read about. We do stare at Tyler a lot. He's in the most fun stage right now (and yes, I realize I say that about EACH stage), smiling and "talking" to all of us. Connor likes to rawr at him like a dinosaur. Tyler's not very keen on that. Brayden likes to whisper to him about how he should come outside and catch grasshoppers with him. Tyler just smiles. My life is sweet, and I find myself relishing these last few summer days where we have nothing on our calendar but fun.

We tend to go outside after dinner with the boys. Tyler is starting to use his bumbo chair, and so I snapped a few pictures of him watching the big boys play soccer with Drew. Ty is the man of many faces, which always gives me a good laugh. Hope he brightens up your Wednesday!
(not much of a face, but check out the thighs. I'm worried that he'll get stuck in the bumbo before he's able to sit up on his own. ha!)

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