Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun, Friends & Fireworks

We have had a super busy weekend filled with fun and friends. We had an unusual cold front come through, and all 5 of us (yes, even Tyler!) have only wanted to be outside. We're eating it up, especially after a week that was SO SO hot (in Brayden's terms: "even my insides are HOT!").

Friday night we let the big boys stay up a little later than normal and play in the backyard.
Bless Toby's little doggy heart. He has no chance in a house with 3 boys (can you see the fear in his eyes).
Connor Andrew aka the backyard snake ;)

Saturday our friend Grace turned 4 and had her birthday party and our favorite- Chick-Fil-A.
the coolest baby on the block came along. I'm sure he can't wait to enjoy some Christian chicken too.

After the birthday party we came home and watered the grass... and the boys played.
Let's not talk about the fact that he looks 10 years old in this picture.

Sunday we had another birthday party and an early Fourth of July fireworks display that we've gone to see the past couple of years. I took a ton of pictures at those two events, but I didn't get a chance to edit anything because we didn't get home until almost 11pm. I'll be posting more of those pics this week, in addition to some heart melter pictures of baby Tyler. 
Hope yall have a great holiday week this week!

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