Sunday, July 21, 2013

Short Stories from our Weekend.

We have had a restful weekend, for which I am thankful. For the past month we have had something EVERY SINGLE DAY of the weekends, which is fun, but exhausting. Add the fact that I'm still not sleeping through the night, and I was in need of an agenda-free weekend.

Drew had to work Saturday morning, which meant I was left to myself with the boys. I normally despise Saturday mornings by myself with the kids, but this Saturday was actually really pleasant. The big boys and I ate breakfast together and had a really good talk about heaven and death (we like to keep it heavy around here ;) ). Brayden has been super inquisitive about both subjects lately, which has led to some fun conversations. Connor was pretty excited about the fact that we'll get to eat with Jesus (if you know Connor at all, you'll know that this should come as know surprise-- the boy loves him some food, and add Jesus to the mix and he's pretty much hit the jackpot), and Brayden was especially concerned with knowing if we would have marshmallows at our feast with the King. As much as I hate my babies growing up, I cherish these sweet, tender moments with my boys.

When Drew got home from work we decided to brave the farmer's market with all 3 boys. It really wasn't that bad, but the heat was nearly suffocating. So we headed to the splash park for the bigs to cool off a bit.
this guy was all smiles and talks for me.

Saturday afternoon everyone was sleeping. Tyler has been struggling with naps, so sometimes I'll scoop him up and let him rest with me. On Saturday, he never woke up, so I just snuggled with him. People always question my sanity when I say that the newborn phase is my favorite, but really, how can you not LOVE the little snuggles of a bitty baby?

Drew and I finally made up our minds about soccer for Brayden, and he'll be playing this fall. B was pretty darn excited about going shopping for gear, and wanted to suit up the minute we got home Saturday afternoon. I'm thankful that soccer gear is a lot cheaper than baseball gear. We got everything he needed for less than $20.

Sunday was just a normal day for us-- church and hanging out as a family. I'm getting a little sentimental about summer ending soon, so we have a few fun things planned this week. Nothing super crazy though, as I'm still not brave enough venture out far with all 3 boys on my own :)

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