Monday, July 8, 2013

The Littlest Heartbreaker.

I have had a few quiet moments with just me and the littlest guy in the house, so I took advantage and snapped some pictures. These were taken at almost 6 weeks old. It's crazy to me how much he's changed since he was born.
It's rough being the littlest guy in the bunch.
pictures of baby's yawning can never get old.
Tyler has finally started smiling consistently, but it's often hard to catch on camera since I never really know what will set him off into a smiling fest. I finally captured him, and then went and moved my camera while I was taking the picture and thus got the cutest shot albeit a fuzzy one.
getting good at holding his head up
this is what happens if you focus too hard while you're farting. hahaha!

I'm just loving this little guy and relishing in all of the newborn stages. Every time I look at him I get overwhelmed with how much God has so richly blessed Drew and I with three sons. 

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