Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Boy Beds and Sharing Rooms. It's Time.

We have had a pretty boring weekend. Connor is recovering from what was most likely the flu (I never had him checked, but he had every symptom that the CDC says is associated with the flu, so we treated it as such), and I am keeping them away from all things public to assure they don't get sick again before school starts this week. I escaped to Walmart on Saturday morning and came home with waterproof pads for the second twin bed in Braydens room. It's time.

Not really time in my mind, because part of me still views Connor as the baby. And not really time in the sense that I want this change, because truth be told, I wish I could keep Connor in a crib (he's yet to even try to climb out, unlike his older brother). But I don't want Connor feeling like he's getting booted from his room because of baby. And I'm not really sure how well this transition will go, so I'm giving us a running start before May when I will for sure be up in the middle of the night with our new wee one. So it's time.

Brayden was more excited about the change than Connor. Connor was just like, "whatev." We read a book, sang songs and gave stern warnings about staying in bed. They got up last night a total of 8 times. Brayden got up to tell us Connor was up, and Connor got up because apparently it's cool when you can get out of bed whenever you want :) They were both asleep by 8:45. I was honestly more concerned about the mornings, since Brayden has been known to wake up before the roosters, and is not afraid to try and wake people up with him. Thankfully this morning went well too-- they were both up at 6:50, which I considered a success. And today we tried to break them up for naps and they protested, so we tried our hand at combined naps. They only got up once and I had to wake them both up from naps because they slept too long! We'll see if our trend continues with success (so far they've been up 4 times since being put down tonight).

Here's some pictures before they were all tucked into their own beds last night. We decided to unbunk the beds for now, since I'm not quite comfortable with Brayden getting up and down from the top regularly just yet. Probably sometime next year. Baby steps.
Love how Connor is looking at Brayden. He loves his big brother so much.
so excited!
big boy!

Hoping that this is an easy transition, and that I have patience to make it through (Drew can attest that I'm not the nicest when I don't get my rest).

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