Friday, January 4, 2013

Braydenisms & The Pledge of Allegiance.

Brayden has been saying and doing some of the funniest things lately, and I needed to record them all so I don't forget.

* I cleaned the bathrooms and forgot to flush the toilet after I had scrubbed it. Brayden went in there to go to the bathroom after school and yelled for Connor to come into the bathroom. I heard them talking in there so I got closer to the door and heard Brayden say "look at this blue pee in here!"
* Brayden is really into hide and go seek right now. He'll play it forever if we let him. The other day I was driving with the kids and heard Brayden ask Connor if he wanted to play hide and go seek. Connor said yes, so Brayden counted to 10, then he opened his eyes, looked over at Connor and said "found ya!" I had to contain my laughter.
* if I tell him that he has to quit growing so big, he looks at me and smiles and says "but mom, I have to grow so I can be big like my dad!"
* I absolutely LOVE his MDO program that he is in this year. It has turned out to be a huge blessing for us because I was getting worried about not putting him in formal preschool. But this MDO actually does everything a preschool would do. Some of the things I didn't even know he was learning. For instance, a few weeks ago we were driving home from Walmart and Brayden started randomly saying the Pledge of Allegiance. He said the whole thing and I asked him who taught him that (thinking that Drew must have taught him at night or something). He responded and told me he had learned it at school and said it every morning. Amazing. I actually got it on video (if you're reading in a reader or on email, you'll need to go directly to my blog to view the video).

* one morning I was laying in bed and Brayden came to snuggle with me for a few minutes. As we were getting up he casually glanced at my belly and remarked "your belly's looking good mom. It's getting bigger and bigger!"
*(this one is stolen from Drew's facebook status. I, unfortunuately, didn't get the opportunity to hear this in person. It's pretty epic. And a little background info: we've been having conversations with Brayden about how God is everywhere, even when mommy and daddy may not be there. He's asked several questions about it, but this one tops the cake).
B: "Daddy, does God need a bath?"
Drew: "Uh...why do you ask son"
B: "Cause if God is in my poo, He sure must stink sometimes and need a bath"
Drew: "I love you son" 
B: "I know dad, all the way to the moon and back...I love you too"

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