Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend in Review: Bullet Point Style.

We've not had a very eventful weekend. Which is nice, and you won't find me complaining. I thought I'd share some of the highlights, in bullet point form.
  • Saturday morning Drew took Brayden to complete his registration for t-ball. We are all so excited, and can't wait for this new chapter for Brayden. He's patiently waited since last year, and now he's old enough. We still get atleast one question a day on when he can play football. Unfortunately he's still got 2 more years. He's constantly asking if the professional and/or college athletes are 5 years old since they can play football. I just love the logic of preschoolers.
  • Drew sat down and reminded Brayden of the incredible story of grace and provision that God had on our family when He made a way for us to sell our old house and purchase the one we are in now. Brayden doesn't quite understand it all, but he does remember some of the negative things going on around our old home. We are so grateful for the way God provided for our family, and hope that our boys will always know how blessed we are. We also want them to be a part of our journey in paying it off, so Drew created a little chart that the boys can help color in as we pay down on our mortgage. 
  •  The boys played outside most of the day Saturday and today. The weather has been gorgeous. They love riding bikes together.

  • Saturday night I went to see Les Miserable with two of my friends. I was kind of skeptical going in; people have either loved it or hated it. I may be emotionally void, because I didn't cry. But I did think the movie was really good. It was my first experience with the story... I somehow managed to not have to read it in high school.
  • One of the previews before Les Mis was for the new movie Identity Thief. I nearly peed my pants laughing during the trailer. It's on my "to-watch" list for sure, although I get a bit nervous spending money to go to the theatres for a rated R movie. Those are like a 50/50 chance that the previews are hilarious and then the actual movie is nothing but trash. So it may end up being a renter :)
  • The boys woke up SUPER early this morning. I could barely peel myself out of bed. I somehow was able to keep them in their beds (with me as the ring leader in their room) to let Drew sleep a bit longer, but tapped out at 7:30. Momma needed sleep. 
  • The church service today was awesome. It was on maintaining faith and perspective through circumstances. I loved this quote that Dr. Bailey shared this morning:
    God permits what He hates, in order to accomplish what He loves. ~Joni Erickson Tada
    Isn't that so good? I just love it. I may have to make some kind of word art with it and hang it in my house. It's a good reminder when things aren't really going the way I would want them to. 
That was our weekend. Not exceptionally exciting, but these days I'm not sure I can take much activity ;)

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