Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Terrific, Terrible Twos.

I have a love hate relationship with the two year old stage. On one hand, they are equal parts baby and equal parts toddler. This means that they still think that you hung the moon and want you to snuggle and play and kiss and hug. And then they turn toddler and insist on doing everything themselves. It leaves everyone feeling slighted. Moments that would be no big deal to a 4 year old, end up being the end of the world to the two year old. And unfortunately these end of the world moments tend to go back to back, which makes for long days. Veeerrrry long days sometimes (don't even ask me about last Tuesday. It was epic, and topped last Mondays events by a longshot).

In an effort to at least add a little humor to the drama, I've started documenting some of Connor's epic meltdowns. Most of these meltdowns have to do with the fact that he can't wear shorts. Because it's a crying shame that his mom won't let him wear shorts when the temperatures aren't getting above 40. Bless it all.
this one he threw himself on the ground, and somehow scooted himself under the ottoman (which he then got mad about-- go figure).
he asked for a drink. I gave him water. Apparently it was in the wrong cup, and he wanted milk. Cue 30 minute meltdown. He eventually realized I wasn't going to cave and he drank the water. It wasn't so bad afterall.

I'll admit. These days of these tantrums have been long and trying. I've frequently questioned my sanity (or what little sanity I have left), and also if I'll be able to juggle all of this drama AND a newborn. Mercy.

But then, God gives me grace. In the form of a toddler in his sweet phase, that walks up to me in nothing but a t-shirt, rainboots and a diaper, and says in the sweetest two year old voice: "hi mommy!"
Somehow all of the tantrum moments seem to disappear (if only for a moment), and I remember that it's all worth it. The tantrums, the screaming, the knashing of teeth and the banging of heads. The rain boot moments make all the difficult moments worth it. SO worth it.

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