Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Brothers.

Brayden and Connor are at a really fun stage right now. They're just becoming the best of friends and it makes my heart melt. Of course, we have our quarrels too, and it's not just Brayden who is starting the fights these days ;) Oh yes, Connor can definitely hold his own.
They just adore each other... most of the time :)

Individually they're really cute too.
Connor is full of life and has the sweetest personality. He loves people, and always says hi to everyone he sees.
He also has a beast of a temper. We're trying to get that under control. I'd say we're 50/50 on effectiveness thus far.

Brayden has really turned into a sensitive spirit and a willing helper. He's quick to help Connor if I'm busy, and I've noticed that (most of the time) he is aware of other people's needs.
he keeps me rolling with the things he says and does. He is a character (his teachers at school say he's the class clown, always joking and pranking... I have a feeling I'll be visiting the principal's office a lot in a few years :) ).
I love his laughter.

We're having a pretty good week so far, dodging the rain a bit, cleaning house and playing with friends. Hope you have had a good week so far too!

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