Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Pictures.

I realize I'm a few days late and a dollar short with these pictures, but I honestly have just now had time to sort through the massive amounts of pics I took over Christmas. We had a great Christmas day. It was pretty laid back: cinnamon rolls (we put a candle in one and sang happy birthday to Jesus) with the fam, opening gifts, and a family lunch with Uncle Mike and Aunt Rina (my grandmother was supposed to come, but got sick and couldn't make it). I loved watching the boys get excited about their gifts this year... especially Brayden, who thought it was the coolest thing that Santa brought the gum he had asked for. Here's a few of my fave pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I asked the boys to sit next to the tree before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. This is what they did:
So silly.
how did I get so lucky?

Then came Christmas morning.
Waiting to open presents. He's so silly!
a water bottle from Santa! (now they don't have to steal mommy's! ;) )
he was SO excited to get a big cup of gum. Santa knew just what he wanted!
Zoe opening her gift. She was more interested in the paper :)
Brayden got the Avengers masks from my parents for Christmas. He was so excited, and honestly, it was the best present he could have gotten. He LOVES them and wears them at least once a day. When he opened them he wanted Ben and Drew to put them on with him.
my dad has a hidden talent of fruit carving. He carved "Merry Christmas" into this watermelon.
the boys got dart guns in their stockings. Brayden had fun with (soon to be Uncle) Jacob and Aunt Laura.
playing with Aunt Laura
we tried to get a picture with all of the great-great niece and nephews. Connor wouldn't even stay in the picture, and Zoe was not a fan
I bribed Brayden with candy. We love our Uncle Mike and Aunt Rina!
me and my siblings.
saying goodbye to Uncle Mike (and talking about how the tractor goes really fast).

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