Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tackle Football.

Brayden is slightly obsessed with all things sports. If he's outside he's either pretending to be a pirate, or he's playing some sort of sport (his favorites are football, baseball and basketball). The other day I walked outside and he informed me he was playing tackle football. He then proceeded to show me how he played. He literally played every position, and ran around the yard for about 30 minutes repeating each play. It was hilarious, completely unprompted and just made me smile. He keeps asking when he can play real football; the leagues here don't start until age 5, so he still has at least 18 months to go. Until that time, looks like we'll be playing tackle football by ourselves in the backyard ;)
check out his form! Drew's been working with him on making sure his fingers cover the laces.

He took a timeout because he realized he wasn't playing with a football jersey. The travesty.

Little Brother got in on the action too...

And for those of you who like video, this one's for you (if you're reading this via email or in a reader, you may have to click HERE to view the video):


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