Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Farm Friends 2012: Better than Last Year.

For the past two years I've brought Brayden to a little shindig down at the U of A called "Farm Friends." You may remember last year's Farm Friends experience, when it was an epic (and by epic I do mean EPIC) fail. I attempted to attend farm friends, which is held in an equine center (read: dirt floors and nasty, unclean farm animals), with two children 2 and under. Connor was screaming half the time because he was hungry and needed milk NOW, and Brayden was running from pen to pen, squeezing hens and baby chicks. I about had a stroke and died right there in the equine center. It was that stressful. I swore I never would go again by myself.

Thankfully I think Drew realized the importance of his presence at the event this year, and was able to get off a few minutes early so that we could head down to the event. The event was still mildly stressful, but all in all, we had a grand time. Brayden LOVED it and told everyone that he went to the farm to hold the baby chicks :)

he insisted on wearing his superman mask. Some battles are not worth fighting :)
I find roosters both annoying and beautiful. ha!
he was mesmerized.
I was SO nervous when the lady asked if he wanted to hold the hen, considering last year he basically was like death to the poor things. But he was so gentle, and obviously SO proud of himself.
feeding the goat
this is by far Brayden's most favorite part of Farm Friends. He talks about holding the baby chicks all year long.
farmfriends2012_12br /> farmfriends2012_14
milking the cow
these pigs were so gross. They had pooped all over themselves, and smelt AWFUL. I literally gagged every time we passed their pen.
they had a big trailer that was a tractor simulator. Brayden LOVED it!
I don't think he was too sure of what was going on :)
oh the glee that goats bring :) he kept feeding each goat single kernels of corn. It was hilarious and he found it quite enteretaining
I didn't witness it, but rumor has it that Connor gave open mouth kisses to these cows. GROSS. The cow also Mooooed in Connor's face. From that point forward, Connor was not a fan. I wish I had had video. It was spectacular.

(Here's the experience from Farm Friends 2010 as well... it's hard for me to not get all sappy when I go back and look at these pictures... Brayden has grown up SO much :( )

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