Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farm Friends

First off, I must say thank you for all of your encouraging words after my last post. And I suppose I must thank you for the prayers too, since yesterday and today have been a complete 180 from Monday and Tuesday.... PRAISE THE LORD! And thank you for being real... some of your comments made me chuckle, for I too have said/thought the same things! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Since we were all in better moods today, we decided to have a fun field trip. One of the local Agriculture centers in our area throws a yearly festival called Farm Friends. It's for young children and they open up the equine center with a bunch of different farm animals. I was wondering if I had made a mistake to bring Brayden; since he can't walk I loaded him up in the stroller, and he's been bucking that lately, so we kind of had a little scuttle in the parking lot. Thankfully he calmed down, and when we got inside he was all better. Ofcourse, being in the stroller means you can't pet the animals, and that's just no fun, so I (being the good mommy that I am!) took him out of the stroller and held him while pushing the stroller through the dirt floor. He had SO much fun, and squealed with delight when we stood next to the cows. He was very gentle with the animals, although when we were holding a chick I think I might have saved a chicks life just in the knick of time (he had a pretty good grasp on the little bugger). The entire event was free, and they even serve cornbread and beans (for you Northerners, that's about as Southern of a meal as you can get!). I can't wait till next year when he can really interact with the animals more. Here are some of the pictures from our animal outing today.

A baby goat-- isn't he cute?!
A little lamb, that was quite vocal. When it baaad (or however you say/type that!) Brayden looked wide-eyed in amazement. I wish I could have caught his reaction on camera!
"Wow- that's one big cow mom!"
This little bunny was SO cute, and we got to hold him. Unfortunately for B, the bunny had VERY sharp claws, and when it hopped in our lap, it scratched B's leg. From that moment on B would give the biggest pouty lip if the bunny came near us. He was holding a grudge for SURE!
Cute little piggies! We got to pet these too, and I think they came in a close second to being Brayden's favorite. They kept nipping at the other kid's hands though, so I was nervous having him stick his hands in their cage. Poor guy would never go to Farm Friends again if he got clawed by a bunny AND bitten by a piggie.

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