Friday, March 7, 2014

I Put the A in AWKWARD

Let's just be open about this shall we: junior high years are awkward. Like, there is something in the genetic makeup of every individual that God creates to be cute babies, cute toddlers, and then something happens between ages 9-12 that you just get plain awkward. Sure, there are those rare anomalies of individuals who are just gorgeous at every stage of their lives. Unfortunately I didn't get the anomaly gene. Enter exhibits.

I'd like to also say that my mom is still holding hostage the good dose of pictures that are individuals of me, where I'm sporting things like plaid jumpers and size XL t-shirts (and considering I was smaller back then than I am now, and I currently wear a size medium at biggest, you can only imagine how ghostly I looked in my practical sheet shirts).
awkward photos 4_2
This was 5th grade (I think). At camp. I probably hadn't showered in 3 days. Blue striped denim shorts and baseball hats (Mickey Mouse nonetheless).
awkward photos 4_1
clearly baseball hats and high tops were my thang.
awkward photos3
I found this one in my stack of old pictures. Pretty sure I took it of myself (selfie with a film camera- HOLA!).
awkward photos 4
9th grade... rockin' the bob and high tops. This is why my parents worried about me in high school. And this is also why Drew has frequently said it's a good thing he didn't know me in high school. ;)
awkward photos3_1
And by 12th grade I had a little better fashion, but good grief. My eyebrows and hair. Why did someone not pull me aside and tell me I would regret this rats nest????

If you know me now, you'll know that I'm still awkward. I don't follow fashion trends, and most days you can find me without makeup on, wearing holey jeans and t-shirts. But I AM grateful that I got over the Mickey Mouse baseball hat phenomenon ;)

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