Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back to Life.

Well, we made it thru spring break relatively unscathed, so I figure we're winning in our household. I will be honest though, and tell you that by Thursday afternoon, I wasn't quite sure I would make it another day. I came away from Thursday with two realizations: (1) my boys, as well as myself, thrive on routine and an orderly schedule. Throw one or both of these things out of the window, and chaos is inevitable (as is whining, by all parties, not just of the child kind), and (2) I am so very thankful for Mothers Day Out. True story: I once judged moms who put their children in any type of child care other than bible study or church. I am here to tell those unknowing people to whom I cast judgement: I am sorry. I feel you. I get you. MDO makes you a better parent. I know now and I am here to tell you I am in your camp. Peace be with us all.

This weekend we didn't have any super big plans other than some major to-do's on our checklist. One of those things has been a long time coming: finalizing our will. I will go ahead and tell you that doing our will probably caused me more stress than I realized. It just seems so morbid and daunting thinking about who will take care of your kids, who will take care of your estate and what to do with your organs, body, and the like, once you die. It was not a fun process, and I am glad to have it behind us.

Tyler got to brush his teeth for the first time this weekend. I was expecting a fight, but he did so well, and really seemed to enjoy it. Hopeful that this will continue and it wasn't just a one time thing.

This was also the last weekend in a long while where we don't have plans, so I took the opportunity of a clear schedule and pretty weather to take some 5 year pictures of Brayden. I let him pick out his outfit, and I have to say that he did a pretty fabulous job. And up until the final few minutes, was cooperative and had great suggestions on how he wanted to pose. At the end he started getting a little stabby, but that was easily remedied with a promise of an ice cream cone at our local ice cream parlor.
he picked out green ice cream. His favorite color is green, so anything, he can get green, green it is. I loved getting a few minutes of one on one time with him. He makes me laugh so much. In many ways, I can't believe that he's already five, and I feel as though time is slipping through my fingers like sand.
I probably won't post the other pics I took till Brayden turns 5, but I couldn't resist this jewel. He INSISTED on posing like this. I tried to get him to change, but after several failed attempts to do something different I just went with it. There are bigger battles to be fought. Although, I have a feeling he may kill me for this picture later on in life. haha!
caught someone eating dirt outside. Thankfully he spit it out. I really don't want to deal with another case of childhood PICA. ha!

On Saturday evening Drew and I watched Saving Mr. Banks. If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I am a HUGE Mary Poppins fan. It was one of my favorite movies growing up, and my boys have grown rather fond of it too (especially Tyler, who will sit and watch nearly the whole movie... an impressive feat for a 10 month old). If you haven't seen Saving Mr. Banks, you MUST. Such a great movie, and so intriguing knowing the story behind the story of Mary Poppins. Drew, who, at first, was rather disappointed in the movie selection since he thought we were getting 12 Years a Slave, told me that this was one of the best movies he has watched in a long time. I concur.

We've had a pretty low-key Sunday, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are looking forward to a week with our regular schedule back in tact. Happy Sunday evening to all of you!

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