Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kisses from Summer.

20140311_080559(Forgive me for the wonking formatting; I started pressing the "enter" button in HTML and everything got messed up and I'm too busy to have time to go in and tweak the html code of this post. ha!). 

The first two days of this week were what I have affectionately labeled "summer kisses." The highs were in the upper 70s, with a cool breeze blowing in from the west (clearly I'm old and now watch the weather religiously... who else knows the direction the wind blows? OLD PEOPLE.). Just the sunlight streaming into our house boosted everyone's spirits. Then add the trips to the park to feed the fish and take a small walk, and we were all smiling.

Connor has been exceptionally hilarious lately. Monday at the pond he told me that we needed to "wook out for the wattle snakes, because dey are weally weally strong at biting." I'm beginning to see glimpses past the darkness that is the terrible threes, and little funny things he says like this make me forget the hard moments that much more easily.
The downside of the nice weather is that we're back in the "everyone needs baths at the end of the day" routine. My boys have a propensity to wear all particles of dirt they come in close proximity with during the day. And no matter how I much I sweep, my floors are still sprinkled with dust and dead grass. But the fact that it's almost spring, I can't really complain (I mean, the alternative is snow, and since we've endured our fair share of fluffy white stuff enough this winter, I'll take dead grass in the house).

But... This, this I will complain about. I really do love my boys (to death). And all three of them are exceptionally smart. But between having to clean their bathroom multiple times a day (this is not an exaggeration. If you do not have boys, ask any boy mom and they will tell you that cleaning the bathroom multiple times a day is a requirement of the boy mom job. If they say no, they are either lying, or have figured out a magical secret to teach aiming that I am not privvy too), and walking out onto the patio to find this:
this is NOT water. For the love. If you're going to pee outside, at least pee on the fence.
Bless his heart, this poor baby of mine wants to be one of the big boys so bad. If he and I can't be outside with the bigs, he sits at the door and just cries and bangs on the window. I feel so terrible for him.

The other thing we've enjoyed this week are longer days. This is probably the very top reason I love spring/summer... daylight savings time. We have spent evenings outside with Daddy playing basketball, going on family walks, and just sitting in the back of the truck.

Of course, as Arkansas would have it, today we're enduring blustery 40 degree winds. But we are waiting for summer with open arms. Come on summer, we're ready!!!

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