Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Soccer.

Now that the snow has finally melted, Brayden was able to have one of his first spring soccer practices this week. He was SO excited about it, especially about the fact that we had Rice Krispy Treats as after practice snacks ;)
Drew's still the coach this season, and they keep the teams together from the fall, which means that we know all of our teammates, which is really nice. (sidenote: Brayden got a haircut on Tuesday, and I can't even handle how old it makes him look. Even his preschool teacher made a pouty face and said "you sure are handsome but you look so OLD!" Boo for babies growing up.)
Connor has been absolutely devastated that he's still too young to play in the league. Even in the fall he'll only be old enough to play the equivalent of first touch soccer, which is basically fundamentals of the game. On the way to practice tonight I asked Connor what my expectations were of him (to see if he can remember-- this is a common drill we do to try and avoid the meltdowns that are inevitable with preschoolers). He was quiet for a moment then said "you expect me to play nice, to run fast and to score a point and win." (a) these were not the expectations I had previously laid out for him to follow (b) no idea where he got these ideas from, as we always tell Brayden that the most important point of him playing is to have fun and be a good teammate and opponent, but apparently Connor has "go big or go home" as his mantra. At least we don't have to work on his competitive nature or drive for excellence. Also, thank goodness for being able to stream Netflix on my cell phone. These are the moments I wonder how our parents ever survived extra curricular activities with multiple children.

And Tyler? Well, he loved practice, and crawled from blanket to blanket, bartering for food in exchange for snuggles from the other mommas. I realize that him crawling on the ground and chewing on dead sticks is less than ideal, but once the third baby comes around, I've just had to realize that if he is breathing, that we're all going to be OK.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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