Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mud Holes & Woodworking {Weekend in Review}.

This weekend threw us for a bit of a surprise, as we were bracing for rain and never received but a 15 minute gentle drizzle. It cooled things off, which meant the littles and I stayed home during Brayden's soccer practice on Saturday, but other than that we were all able to get out and enjoy the outdoors, which was welcomed by all family members in our household.
this isn't the greatest picture, but I found it so hiliarious and a perfect picture in terms of capturing my kids in their stages right now. Brayden, sweet and willing to take pictures almost always. Tyler, too busy to really care about smiling, much less sitting still. And Connor, still in the throws of the terrible threes. On this particular morning, Brayden wanted them all to match in their jerseys... he is such a sweet big brother.
We were sitting on the patio on Friday afternoon and when Drew asked the boys about this hole, they informed us that it was their mud pie hole. Brayden happily said "You know how you make mud??? You just dig that up, and then you pee in it, and it turns into mud." Drew and I looked at each other and didn't know whether to laugh or cry, as they had been playing with their "mud" hole for several days. Lord have mercy, these boys....
Drew's been busy working on stump benches for our little fire pit in the backyard. Tyler is hard to handle outside because he wants to crawl around in the mud, so I set him up in the Little Tikes car to watch Drew. It kept Ty entertained for quite a while.
Ty's hair is getting so scraggly, but I refuse to cut it. I just can't.
the new Sheriff in town, putting the brothers to good use. ;)
I keep telling Brayden hat his hair buzzed makes him look so OLD. He's started rolling his eyes at me and saying "STOPPPP ITTT MOOOOOMMMMM. I'm not OLD!" Ughhh, if only he was right. How has 5 years flown by so quickly???

The rest of the weekend was kind of a blur, that included things done around the house, church and even a little sickness (Connor hasn't been feeling the greatest, but we're not sure what's causing it.). Hoping he gets better quickly, as we have lots of fun things planned for our spring break this week (although, our spring break doesn't include traveling, much to Brayden's disappointment). Hope everyone has a great week!

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